PRE SCHOOL  (3 - 5 years)

30 minutes / Maximum students per class: 3  - $17  per lesson

CLASS LEVELS:   Bubbles / Squirt / Nemo / Shark Finns

Fast Tech classes - 20 minutes - max of 2 students. Providing a smaller class size, a shorter session but an intensive one. Suitable for those seeking a more individual attention and a “busier” session - $24 per lesson

The advantages of learning to swim, beyond the obvious safety considerations, include improved motor coordination, socialisation skills, cognitive skills and fitness.  

Pre-schoolers learn differently from older children. Children progress quickly when they are motivated and challenged to learn. Class levels are set by ability rather than by age, so your child can move to the next level as soon as they are ready.

Pre-schoolers can either attend the morning or early afternoon programmes and are grouped into small classes of 1:3.  Each level focuses on a different skill, putting your face under, learning to float, learning to stroke and learning to breathe.

Swimming caps must be worn at all times.



Please enquire about lessons for your pre-schooler

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