Boarding and Homestays

St Peter’s, Cambridge provides quality boarding facilities and homestays for our international students.

Most of our international students live on site in our boarding houses along with students from all over New Zealand. St Peter’s has over 400 boarding students. There are eight boarding houses: four for girls, and four for boys. Each boarding house caters for a particular age-group. The boarding houses at St Peter’s are comfortable and modern, and most students will have their own room or cubicle. They have a common room set up with sofas, computers, a television and a small kitchen. Supervision and support is provided by house directors, house assistants and house matrons. Every boarding house has a scheduled homework time that is supervised. Boarding students have their meals in the dining hall, and they are joined by the day students for lunch each day. Boarders also have access to the library, computer suites, and other facilities after school hours. Read more about boarding at St Peter’s by following the link below:

A small number of our international students live with New Zealand families in homestays. Homestay families are carefully chosen and vetted by the school and they need to meet a strict criteria. They are selected and monitored according to the rules in our Code of Practice. Homestay students travel to school on the school buses along with day students. Additional homestay families provide accommodation for international students during school holidays and on the eight leave weekends a year.

A typical day for boarding students:


  • 6:30am Wake up, shower and dress
  • 7:00am Dorm inspection
  • 7:15am Breakfast, followed by daily house duty
  • 8:15am Classes start
  • 12:15pm Junior Lunch
  • 1:15pm Senior Lunch
  • 3:20pm After school extracurricular activities
  • 5:00pm Dinner and return to boarding house
  • 6:30–9:00pm Supervised homework. The time varies according to the year group
  • 9:15pm onwards Bedtime and lights out.


The routine is similar to the rest of the week but without classes. Most students have sport or extracurricular activities. Leave is available once extracurricular activities have finished.


Students can sleep in until 10:00am. The day is free, with time for optional activities such as house outings, movies and shopping trips. On some Sunday evenings, boarding students attend Chapel services.

  • 8.30am Breakfast (optional)
  • 10:00–11.30am Brunch
  • 4.30pm Dinner
  • 7.30–8:00pm Chapel service

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