Message from Dale Burden - Executive Principal

Monday 11 May

Dear St Peter’s Community,

Thank you so much for your outstanding support during what has been a difficult time for all of us. The encouragement of your children and positive feedback to the school and staff has been very much appreciated. It has been heartening to see just how well our entire community has come together to support one another.

It was great to hear the Prime Minister today advise us that we are now approaching Alert Level 2. It is reassuring to hear that, at this level, schools are safe environments for our young people and staff, and that additional public health control measures are in place to prevent the spread of disease and to support contact tracing.

We will be following the Public Health requirements for schools at Alert Level 2. As we have done in Alert Level 3, we will know who is at school, who our staff and students have been in close contact within the school environs, and take appropriate measures to keep everyone safe.

Physical distancing is a good precaution to prevent the spread of disease. We know that this is challenging at school and in some cases not possible. So good hygiene practices and regular cleaning are even more important, including coughing into elbows, handwashing and drying, and regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces.

At Alert Level 2, students and staff MUST stay home if they are sick and we will send anyone home immediately if they show any symptoms. We will make other arrangements for those students that do not live in New Zealand, or do not have somewhere to go. Sickness absences need to be advised to the school in the normal manner.

Our school has safe and sensible practices, following the public health guidelines, to maintain the health and safety of everyone on the school site. As described by Dr Payinda in his NZ Herald article “Covid’s not measles or chicken pox, it doesn’t hang in the air for hours waiting to infect passers-by. It travels on invisible drops of spit. You don’t have to cross the street to avoid anyone. Just avoid getting in their moist breath zone”.

Calendar from Tuesday 12 May

Tuesday 12 May - Online learning
Wednesday 13 May - Online learning
Thursday 14 May - Teacher only day. No online learning
Friday 15 May - St Peter’s Friday. No online learning
Sunday 17 May - All boarders are due back in their houses by 6.30pm
Monday 18 May - Return to school for the 8.15am start. Timetable day 5

Please note the uniform shop is currently available for contact free purchases but will open from Thursday from 9.45am till 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

The St Peter’s Friday replaces the previously calendared St Peter’s Tuesday on June 2nd.

All students are expected back on the school campus from Monday 18 May at 8.15am. However, we appreciate that some children may be immuno-compromised or have been unable to return from overseas. Please contact their year level Dean to discuss a learning plan. It is important that they remain engaged remotely and continue to make progress.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in person next Monday.

Dale Burden - Executive Principal 


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