Wellbeing Curriculum

St Peter’s offers students, staff, parents and support personnel with opportunities to engage with and be part of wellbeing events, learnings, and culture. In this regard, St Peter’s is at the forefront of wellbeing achievement-based solutions for academic performance.

At St Peter’s we have a wellbeing culture, where we aim to feel good and function well and where wellbeing is simply a way of being. Through our Wellbeing Curriculum, our community acquires tools and skills for their kete, allowing us to thrive, grow and develop resilience. We also acknowledge that there are times when wellbeing can be compromised, and these tools help us when we may be feeling unbalanced or face challenging situations.

Our Wellbeing Curriculum is strengths-based, drawing from best practice evidence, and is bespoke to our community. 

Each student at St Peter’s is in a Learning Group, which is gender and year group-specific. Year 7 & 8 students are with their homeroom teacher and the Year 9 – 13 students have a Learning Group Coach who travels with them from Year 9 to 13. Learning Groups are taught the Wellbeing Curriculum, which is content specific to the needs of students. The content aims to grow each student’s capacity giving them space to thrive. Examples of topics include emotional intelligence, growth mindset, resilience, coaching, belonging, functioning well, positive psychology, managing self, empathy, and more.

Wellbeing is delivered in other ways - via community presentations, Intouch newsletter, social media, SchoolTV, offering our community wellbeing tips and pertinent topics

Our Wellbeing Curriculum enables a strong culture and St Peter’s creates a space to flourish for every student, staff and parent.



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