PRE-SCHOOL  (3 - 5 years)

The advantages of learning to swim, beyond the obvious safety considerations, include improved motor coordination, socialisation skills, cognitive skills, and fitness.  

Pre-schoolers learn differently from older children. Children progress quickly when they are motivated and challenged to learn. Class levels are set by ability rather than by age, so your child can move to the next level as soon as they are ready.

Pre-schoolers can either attend the morning or early afternoon programmes and are grouped into small classes of 1:3.  Each level focuses on a different skill, putting your face under, learning to float, learning to stroke, and learning to breathe.

CLASS LEVELS:   Bubbles / Squirt / Nemo / Shark Fins

30 minutes / Maximum students per class: 3  - $18  per lesson

  • Bubbles is an introductory level for 3 - 5 year old’s Children will learn to feel more comfortable submerging themselves and will build confidence floating and begin to coordinate kicking exercises.

Goals for our Bubbles kids:

  • Full submersion/retrieve a toy from the low platform
  • Front and back float assisted (5 sec)
  • Streamline front kick with kickboard assisted
  • Back kick arms by side assisted

Squirt swimmers are comfortable holding their breath to submerge without assistance and are continuing to practice kicking and floating themselves.

Goals for Squirt Kids:

  • Full submersion/retrieving a toy from the low platform assisted
  • Front and back float assisted (5 sec)
  • Streamline front kick assisted
  • Back kick with noodle unassisted
  • Can hold their breath for 10 seconds

Nemo swimmers are progressing well with most skills unassisted. Instructors offer ongoing assistance to support learners to build confidence toward independent swimming.

Goals for Nemo kids:

  • Full submersion/retrieve a toy from the floor unassisted
  • Front and back float unassisted (5 Sec)
  • Streamline front kick unassisted
  • Back kick arms by side unassisted

Shark Fins starts to be introduced to basic freestyle and backstroke arms and breathing alongside already mastered kicking as well as rolling back to front skills.

Goals for Shark Fins kids:

  • Split arm kick on back unassisted
  • Backstroke arms with board
  • Roll front to back then back to front
  • 3 freestyle arms plus 1 breath to the side

Swimming caps must be worn at all times.



Please enquire about lessons for your pre-schooler

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