School Age

SCHOOL AGE -  Our school-age levels aim to develop a strong technical base so your child is confident with all strokes. Children are challenged and constantly motivated to learn through different activities and experiences. At the school-age levels, we continue to emphasise water safety as well so your child will have the necessary skills to safely enjoy leisure time in and around water.

School-age lessons offer a range of lessons to suit the swimmers' level of skill and fitness. Lessons are $18 each including morning squads.

30 Minutes Lessons -  Goldfish / Whitebait / Snapper / Swordfish. Maximum 3-6 students per class.

  • Goldfish is an entry-level for school-aged children. Children gain confidence in the water and learn to kick on their front and back independently to gain water safety skills and start to build a stroke foundation.
  • Whitebait is for school-aged children who are confident kicking on their front and back unassisted and are ready to start working on freestyle arms, rolling onto their back, and the foundations for backstroke.
  • Snapper is for school-aged children who are confident with freestyle arms plus rolling to their backs, so they are ready to learn perfect freestyle breathing. They must be able to kick independently on their backs with split arms.
  • Swordfish is for school-aged children who can confidently do half lengths of freestyle using the correct breathing technique. At this level, children should be able to swim with opposite backstroke arms while maintaining a streamlined position for half a length.

45 Minute Lessons - Seals / Stingray / Dolphins. Maximum 6-7 students per class.

  • Seals level is for school-aged children who can swim 25m of Freestyle and Backstroke with sound technique and are now ready to work on the Breaststroke kick.
  • Stingray Level is for school-aged children who have mastered the Breaststroke kick and are ready to put the whole stroke together with arms. Children entering this level can swim 50m of Freestyle and Backstroke continuously with the correct technique
  • Dolphin level is for school-aged children who can swim a length of Breaststroke with the correct technique and timing (including a glide). Children need to be able to swim 75m of Freestyle and Backstroke continuously with correct technique and should also be able to complete a length of Butterfly kick with breathing.

60 Minute Squads - Orcas / Morning Squad Stroke Clinic. Maximum 30 students per class.

  • Orcas is for school-aged children who can complete 100m Freestyle in under 2m using the correct technique. Techniques for Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly should also be sound. Additional attention is given to the finer details, so swimmer endurance can be focused on. Children should also have the basic skills needed to complete turns for each stroke. When swimmers complete this level, they have the option of choosing the competitive swimming pathway or following swimming passions through a noncompetitive pathway.
  • Morning Stroke Clinic is for school-aged children at Orcas, Dolphins, and high Stingray level that are ready to consolidate stroke technique and would like to bridge the gap towards competitive club swimming.

Fast Tech Classes - are shorter but are intensive sessions. Suitable for those seeking more individual attention and a “busier” session - $25 per lesson. Classes are 20 minutes and are available as semi-private (max ratio of 2:1 students per instructor) or private (1:1 student and instructor). 

Swim Fitness Classes - swimmers are given a guided opportunity to practice and perfect their strokes. 30 or 60 minute classes are available to suit the swimmers' current fitness level.

Private 1:1 Coaching - is often a great way for learners to connect with their skills without the pressure of watchful peers. Private lessons are an excellent means for rapid upskilling to help learners reach that next class level or competition technique. They can also be a great option for swimmers with special or sensory needs, as well as any attending to any past traumas or injury issues. 20 or 30 minute classes are available.


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