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Prefects' message to our St Peter’s community



9 September 2021

 Dear St Peter’s Auckland families

We have been working with our staff to identify those students who will be unable to return to school due to their location inside the Level 4 border.  Today we have been again awaiting the advice of the Ministry of Education, who have carried out a full risk assessment and have reiterated to us that we cannot bring back any student who is currently residing within Alert Level 4 boundaries.

If you are receiving this email, it is because you are a parent or caregiver of a current St Peter’s student staying within the Level 4 catchment.  If that is not the case, please advise the school as soon as possible.

Online learning will continue for your student/s from Monday 13 September at 8.15 am. Period 1 will commence online via google meet in the normal manner.  Attached here is a Hybrid learning plan to assist with this process.
Trial Examinations
To ensure our online students are not disadvantaged and academic routines are maintained, our trial examinations will proceed online. These examinations are in place to help with the next learning steps, experience in sitting an examination, and to ensure we have a derived grade for our externals at the end of the year, if required.

Deputy Principal, Jess Patrick will contact all NZQA families and talk through how these examinations will occur.  Toni Foley, our IB co-ordinator will be in touch with our International Baccalaureate families. 

NCEA Update
In addition to the two-week change to end-of-year examinations and portfolio submissions being delayed, the government has announced for students who have been disrupted by Alert Level 3 and 4 restrictions for a total of 20 or more school days in 2021, the following will also apply.
Learning Recognition Credits (LRC)
For every 5 credits achieved through internal or external assessment, each student is entitled to 1 extra credit to acknowledge the disruption to their learning. These extra credits are called Learning Recognition Credits

  • Up to 10 of their LRC’s earned this year can be used towards the 80 needed for NCEA Level 1.
  • Up to 8 LRC’s earned this year can be used towards the 60 needed at Level 2 and Level 3.

 Endorsements are still achievable.

  • To get a certificate endorsement students will need 46 credits at Merit or Excellence level, instead of the usual 50.
  • To get a course endorsement they will need 12 credits at Achieved or Merit or Excellence level in a course, rather than 14. They still need to achieve at least 3 credits in externals and 3 in internals.
  • LRCs don’t come with Merit or Excellence, so they can’t count towards an endorsement.

University Entrance has been adjusted.
For 2021 the UE requirements have been adjusted from 14 down to 12 credits in three UE-approved subjects. Each student still needs to have NCEA Level 3 and the usual literacy and numeracy standards

When will these be visible on the student's record of learning?
These credits are added to the NCEA qualification in January, so they won’t be able to see them until after the examination results are loaded.

We are all here to support the ongoing learning of our students unable to join us physically at school.  Please reach out to the Deans, Chaplains, Teachers or any member of the senior leadership team to resolve any concerns you may have.

I'll keep in touch as we work through this period.

Kind regards

Take care.

 Julie Small

Campus Principal

8 September 2021


Dear St Peter’s Auckland families

We received yesterday this advice from the Ministry of Education around returning to school and boarding.  I have included the excerpt from their bulletin below:

Returning to boarding: Travel in Alert Level 2

Ministry of Education Bulletin 7 Sept 2021

Boarders currently residing in Auckland cannot return to their hostel in an Alert Level 2 area.  This also applies to day students who may have been staying in Auckland during this lockdown.

We are aware some of our Auckland-based students did not return to Auckland during this lockdown.  If you haven't already, can you please advise your House Director if your child has been staying outside of the Auckland region during this period, and will be returning to their St Peter’s boarding house on Sunday.
I'll be back in touch tomorrow with both you and your student/s with the online learning plan.

Take care.


7 September 2021

Dear Auckland families

Following on from our recent communications, I wanted to reiterate that our Auckland students will continue to receive online learning for as long as is required during this outbreak.

Last week, in anticipation of there being two different levels across New Zealand, we contacted the Secretary of Education and the Hamilton Ministry of Education office to ask whether they will be allowing our boarding students to come across the border into St Peter’s from Level 4 areas.  We asked about being able to provide a letter to gain an exemption. We were advised that there would not be support for this, given the Delta variant is so contagious.  As a school, we must stand by that recommendation but we will review the position again when Auckland moves to Level 3, with guidance from the Ministries of Health and Education.

Secondly, you may be wondering how our school will manage online learning for your children while maintaining learning on site.  Students will continue to access their google classrooms in the same way that they have been, so they can continue to be a part of the learning with our onsite students, giving them the opportunity to mix and learn together.
Our Learning Leaders are meeting to identify specific strategies which will be utilised for online learning, some of which have come from overseas schools who have had some experience of this.  I will be back in touch later in the week with the process to continue learning from next Monday.

Whilst our Auckland students cannot physically attend the school, the rebate offered by the Board of 75% of Boarding fees and $100 per week per student of tuition fees will be continued.  These will appear on your next statement. 

Finally, if you feel your child is struggling please do reach out to our DeansChaplains, or your student's House Director

I know this is difficult for our Auckland students and families and we so wish they could join us on Monday, however, we must work to stamp out this virus and we are guided by the Ministry of Health at this time.  Please appreciate the position the school is in and be assured we will work with you to continue a quality online experience for your child/ren.

Kind regards

Julie Small

Campus Principal


06 September 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Today we were informed that we can move to Level 2 from 11.59 pm Tuesday 7 September 2021.  The school has made the decision to continue online learning on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, with Friday as a leave day to attend to any personal matters. This provides the least amount of disruption to learning for our students, including boarders and those continuing their learning online at Level 4. It also addresses the wellbeing needs of those prior to a return to school on Monday 13 September, including catching up with family and friends, haircuts, and other personal appointments.

For some students, parents may have to return to work on Wednesday and Thursday. We will provide supervision of online learning for students from 8.15 am to 3.20 pm for those families that require this level of support. If your child does need to be supervised on Wednesday and Thursday only, please fill in this google form before midday Tuesday 7 September to allow time to organise rooming requirements.

  • Each student will need to be transported to and from school as the school buses will not operate.
  • Students will also need to wear their winter uniform and bring their own device, headphones, charger, a drink bottle, morning tea, mask, and lunch.

We will be following the Public Health requirements for schools at Alert Level 2, which details:

  • Physical distancing (not touching and not breathing on each other)
  • Hand hygiene Cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Regularly cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces.
  • That masks may be worn
  • Compulsory use of the Covid Tracer App or sign-in sheets.

Dates for this week

Tuesday 7 September - Online learning Wednesday

8 September - Online learning

Thursday 9 September - Online learning

Friday 10 September - No online learning

Sunday 12 September - Boarders outside of Alert Level 4, are due back in their houses by 6.30 pm.   Houses are open from 4 pm.

Monday 13 September - Return to school for the 8.15 am start. Timetable day 7.  



St Peter’s, Cambridge has an obligation to ensure the health and safety of their workers and of others who could be put at risk from work carried out as part of the conduct of the school (e.g. students). In doing so, the school must eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety so far as is reasonably practicable.   

At this stage, St Peter’s will not be requesting mandatory vaccinations for current or future staff and students, but this may change depending on the risk assessment applying to the school and the prevalence of COVID-19 within the community at the time.  

Vaccinations are a reasonably practicable step that can be taken to minimise the risk of individuals contracting COVID-19.  

As part of our plan to keep everyone safe, we are asking all parents to complete the attached survey prior to their child returning to school.   

We appreciate that most of this information is pertinent to our families who are not Auckland-based. For our Auckland families, we await the next announcement and hopefully can then plan for your children to join us. We are thinking of you.  

Thank you for your continued support and we will be back in touch later this week with further updates.  

Kind regards

Julie Small
Campus Principal

2 September 2021

Follow this link to see the sporting events affected by the NCEA Examination date changes.  

 27 August 2021


Due to the continuation of online learning and the need to shift the senior exams we provide the following Performing Arts / Cultural update for term 3 events.


Bevan Cup and Kammermusik: Originally postponed from 23 and 24 August. These competitions have had to be cancelled.

Songwriting and Composition competitions: As these are digital, these will run and be finalised when school resumes.

Cambridge Schools Kapa Haka event (3 September): we have received notification that this event has been cancelled.

Senior Vocal Showcase (7 September): Remains in the calendar with the intent to run this if possible.

2022 Production Auditions: These will run in Week 9 as scheduled.


27 August 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement this afternoon that we will move to Level 3 from 11.59 pm on Tuesday 31 August, the school leadership met to determine the next steps.

  • We will continue with online learning for all students following the leave weekend, on Wednesday 1 September at 8.15 am. 

  • For those students in Years 7-10 who absolutely need to attend school from Wednesday, due to their parents being essential workers, we will provide supervision in the Junior Block each school day from 8.15 am to 3.20 pm. Should your child require supervision on-site from Wednesday 1 September, please email Gerard Keightley, Deputy Principal, by Monday 9 am 30 August. At this stage, boarding will remain in lockdown and will not operate.

  • Each student will need to be transported to school as the buses will not operate.

  • Students will also need to wear their winter uniform and bring their own device, headphones, charger, a drink bottle, morning tea, mask, and lunch. 

  • If your child is unwell please keep them at home and seek medical advice. Staying in your family bubble, as required under Alert Level 3, is still vital for everyone’s health and safety.

  • With regard to the NCEA changes, Deputy Principal Jess Patrick has provided this guideline as to what changes are occurring, and how as a school we are managing this.  

I will update you with further information when the Government re-assesses the Alert Level 3 status on 6 Sept 2021, as well as any significant calendar changes.  In the meantime, enjoy our latest Wellbeing Toolkit (Masterclass) over this leave weekend.

Take care and stay safe.


Julie Small

Campus Principal

26 August 2021

Dear St Peter’s Parents and Caregivers,

The St Peter’s Trust Board met remotely on Tuesday night to consider the impact of the Covid Level 4 lockdown.


While we have been here before, we know that this is a stressful and anxious time for many.  Our entire school support network of the Board, Chaplains, Deans, Wellbeing staff, International Department, and Teachers are here to support you and your student/s.  Please reach out if you need us!

We recognise that assisting your children with their schoolwork while adjusting to your household’s new work/life balance is challenging.  It has been heartening to hear how well students and staff have shifted back to the online learning space, and we hope this daily study routine will provide some predictable and positive regularity during this time.

We also wanted to provide a quick response to the financial pressures some of you may be experiencing and are immediately making the following adjustments to fees: 

  • A $100 a week per student tuition fee rebate while learning is being undertaken remotely.

  • A 75% boarding fee rebate while the school is unable to accommodate boarders.       

These rebates will be applied to your school account and will appear on the 1 September 2021 statement. 
After the next Government announcement on Friday, we will be back in contact once we have a clearer picture of what next week and beyond may look like.
We are also talking to the Foundation Board about the potential to offer hardship grants, as the school did through the 2020 lockdown.  We will keep you informed about these grants as we firm up details.
Part of the strength of St Peter’s is the way the school community encourages each other in challenging times.  In that spirit, please look after yourselves and each other and reach out if you require any support.

Kia Kaha

John Macaskill-Smith
St Peter’s Trust Board

25 August 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

With the experience we gained in 2020, St Peter’s is ready to manage these disruptions and respond to NZQA assessment needs. Teachers have been able to develop effective plans for internal and external assessments, which are continually evolving. They are tailoring learning online and will continue to provide credible, ongoing assessment opportunities throughout this period.

Our focus is to ensure that any response is fair to all students, as we know they all have different online learning experiences, which is why types of assessments may change and submission dates may be flexible based on classes.  Teachers will advise what those options are. Rest assured that the extension process is here to support all students if they feel they need it. No student will be penalised due to online learning and the school is here to support them. NZQA and the Ministry of Education are working to ensure students will have a fair opportunity to gain NCEA, despite the disruption caused by this lockdown.
Students have been asked to check their external entry sheets by logging in to NZQA and check if they are missing any externals.

Can you assist us by checking in with your son/daughter:

"Have you checked your online external entries?"
Are they correct – Yes, great.
No, I need to add an external - email Mrs Patrick at by Friday 27 August at 3.30pm.
Students should continue to prepare for the trial examinations, currently scheduled for weeks 8 and 9. These will be happening in some way, shape, or form. NZQA is working with schools about how these will look. They are preparing guidance to support our school and teachers manage authenticity and fairness in a remote situation, whilst gathering information for Derived and Unexpected Event Grades.

Students are currently completing the remaining internal assessment tasks for English, Spanish, Theatre, and Visual Arts, with adjustments made to accommodate our current home learning environment. Any student who has unique challenges as a result of being at home is able to use the IB extension process, contacting the subject teacher first, then Mrs Foley

All IB students should still be working toward the upcoming trial examinations, as completing and then reflecting on performance in these are one of the richest learning opportunities in the year.

Thank you for your support of our students at this challenging time.  All their teachers and Deans are here to encourage and guide them through this process. 

Kind regards
Jess Patrick
Deputy Principal


23 August 2021

With the cancellation of Year 7-10 parent/teacher conferences, school will continue learning for the afternoon of Friday 27 August.

AIMS Games cancelled

For the second year in a row, Covid-19 has thwarted plans to hold the Anchor AIMS Games, with the annual intermediate-aged sports tournament cancelled for 2021.  The week-long, Tauranga-based tournament was to have started on September 4 but the current nationwide Level 4 lockdown means there is no way it could safely continue.

For the tournament to go ahead, all of New Zealand needs to be at Level 1.  Postponing is not an option, with 25,000 people to accommodate, 1800 officials to organise and 29 venues to be available at the same time. This year's tournament again received more than 11,000 entries from around the country, from Taipa in Northland to Gore in Southland.  While she knows so many athletes will be devastated by the decision, Semple has urged them to focus on the positives.

Our St Peter’s Sports Department are keen to do something regionally with the cancellation of both Winter tournament and Aims Games and will be taking advice and guidance from School Sport NZ and our Regional Sports Organisation as well as SLT before we commit to events our school teams will attend or organise.

We will also as a department look o

utside the square and being creative in how we can operate and provide sport under Level 2 and we will continue to do this for all sports at as many levels as possible.

TeAroha Keenan

Director of Sport


20 August 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I hope this letter finds you well and ready for a relaxing weekend ahead.

As we are a boarding school, regardless of any decisions to change of levels by the Prime Minister on Monday, we have made the decision to maintain online learning for all of next week, so that we have continuity of learning for all in our community.  We can then head into the leave weekend (28 - 31 August) to give students and staff a full break before they potentially return to school onsite.  After the leave weekend, boarders will be able to return on Tuesday afternoon and all students resume onsite learning from Wednesday morning (1 September) at 8.15am.  Of course, this is dependent on further Government announcements.

There is some information I need to share with you:

  1. Any internal school events for next week will not occur. We have postponed where possible, at this stage. Individual music and speech and drama lessons and cultural group activities will take place online from Monday. A separate communication has been sent regarding this.
  2. The Waipa Youth Awards evening on Thursday this week, the Year 7 - 10 Parent/Teacher Conferences, and the Life Education event on Saturday, 28 August will also not go ahead. 
  3. With online learning continuing, I wanted you to be aware of some of the different approaches our teachers will be using to engage students in learning. In some cases, teachers will teach explicitly for the first 15 minutes of the lesson then provide a learning activity or task for students to practice providing feedback during the rest of the lesson.  Another example is teachers will chunk the learning into a few 10-minute sessions within the period, this could mean taking a break from the device, to work on a task or complete an activity.  For our seniors, a longer task may be assigned and feedback given via google classroom at various intervals. We learned from last year’s online learning that trying to teach students for the whole 50 minutes through talking was not engaging.  It was detrimental to their wellbeing and not to mention very tiring, for both students and teachers. We have also asked our teachers to stop the lesson 5 minutes before the end to give students a break between lessons.
  4. Attached here is next week's Wellbeing Toolkit. We encourage you to engage with this toolkit and implement these tools on a daily basis to prioritise wellbeing and further support students with their learning.
  5. Should you need support for your child please do get in touch with their Dean - details are available on the website here and our Wellbeing staff are also available. 
  6. Our Nurses are still available for our student community for advice and support during this lockdown period of online learning. The nurses emails will be checked and responded to within the usual Health Centre hours of Monday to Thursday 8.00am – 4.30pm and Friday 8.30am – 3.00pm.  You can email them at  The nurse will discuss with you via email whether there is a need to progress to a Zoom or Google Meet under the terms of our Telehealth Policy.

Update from TeAroha Keenan, Director of Sport
School Sport NZ, in conjunction with its' sports partners, regretfully announce the cancellation of all sanctioned events on its' calendar through to Monday 6th September 2021. This includes all events scheduled within the Winter Tournament Week window. 
For our St Peters sports teams, this will be particularly tough on those senior students who missed out last year and we are mindful that the decision made will impact them greatly. This is the pinnacle event each year for most of our premier teams.
"Prioritising a safe return to sport and recreation must be our collective goal. Sport and physical recreation will play a significant role in supporting the wellbeing of our rangatahi through this difficult period the entire country finds itself in. This will be more readily achieved at a local and regional level, rather than at a national level. School Sport NZ will work collaboratively with schools, school sports offices, National Sports Organisations, Regional Sports Trusts, and Sport NZ, to ensure our Rangatahi can reengage with sport as soon as possible.” School Sport NZ
St Peter’s Sports Department will continue to be creative with some solutions to enable our sports to have some form of competition post lockdown.  We will be following the guidelines in place by School Sport NZ and the Government.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our students, coaches, staff, managers, and parents who have contributed so positively throughout the preparation for tournament week for all our sports teams.
During lockdown our Sports Management staff have been brainstorming and planning sporting opportunities for our students across all grades and levels, so that on return to school there are opportunities to continue being active and engaged with Body, Mind and Spirit.

We are constantly assessing the situation and watching Government updates as we want to do the very best for our students. It is not an easy time for many and I want to acknowledge that. Please reach out if you need support. Together we can get through this better.

Take care.

Kind regards

Julie Small

Campus Principal


20 August 2021

Dear Parents / Caregivers of the Elf Jr Cast,  

With the uncertainty around how long this lockdown will go for, this email is to inform you of our intentions with Elf Jr moving forward.  

It is our intention to put on Elf Jr and we are working under that premise. Being a Year 7-9 production gives us some extra flexibility around preparation and presenting the show, including if necessary, moving the performance dates later into Term 4.  However, dates and schedules will need to be adjusted and cannot be confirmed until we have some indication as to when school will resume on site.  

For the moment that means the show will be put into a ‘sleep’ mode.  We ask that you please ask your children to remain familiar with the songs and dances which are all available in the google classroom.  When we have a better indication as to when we can resume, we will contact you again with a revised schedule.  

I hope all the students have settled well into their online learning.  

Kind regards,    

Stephen Morton-Jones

Director of Performing Arts

19 August 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers  

With the uncertainty surrounding the current Covid lockdown, we will delay the opening of appointment scheduling for our Year 7 - 10 Parent/Teacher Interviews until Monday.  At that point, we will be more aware of what the future alert levels look like, and whether our Parent/Teacher catch up can occur in person.   We’ll share some more news after the Government announcement on Friday.  

Kind regards  

Gerard Keightley

Deputy Principal


18 August 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I wanted to keep in touch during this uncertain time to ensure you felt informed of what we are doing in terms of our approach to supporting your child/children with their learning and also in looking after their wellbeing.

This morning we met with our Deans and Heads of Faculty to ensure that online learning was set to commence tomorrow - these were very positive meetings. Following this, each Head of Faculty met with their teaching staff to ensure we are all on track to begin teaching at 8.15 am tomorrow morning.

We took this day to set up and prepare for several reasons; one was to ensure families including students would have time to prepare for online learning, another is to ensure staff are well prepared, and lastly to ensure all boarders could get home. At 2.30 pm today I was assured that all boarders had either returned home or were able to stay with their family’s friends.

The below updated Online Learning Manual gives you all the information required to support your student in their learning.  We have also produced a student version which will be emailed to them this afternoon.   A Wellbeing Toolkit (link below) has also been produced to support your mind, body, and spirit journey during this time.

I also want to acknowledge how hard this time is for some families, with some of you involved in continuing to run your businesses, some who are essential workers, and those of you who are also doing your absolute best to help your child with their learning at home - the balance is not easy. Our Chaplains and Wellbeing staff continue to be available for you as do our Deans, their contact details can be found in the Online Learning Guide link.

Thank you for your continued support, the kind emails which have already come in from families and our students, and your understanding that our teachers, while doing their best for our students, also juggle the demands of managing family life.

Following the announcements on Friday,  we plan to send a further communication regarding next week's plans, but for now all sport this weekend has been cancelled and Performing Arts have postponed their events for next week.  Beyond that, we will be following the Government guidelines for events depending on alert level restrictions, and this includes determining whether our Year 7 - 10 Parent / Teacher Conferences will proceed.

We'll be back in touch with further communication after the Government announcement on Friday afternoon.

Julie Small

Campus Principal


17 August 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers

As advised by the Prime Minister, we will move to Level 4 this evening at 11.59 pm for the next 3 days.  The government will review the situation on Friday 20 August 2021.

St Peter’s will be closed for onsite learning until further notice, with immediate effect.  We propose to commence the school timetable (Day 6) with online learning from 8.15 am on Thursday 19 August.   Year 7 & 8 students will be contacted by their homeroom teachers each school day at 8 am.  All students are asked to be ready to log in at their respective time.   

Attached here is the Online Learning Manual for all students and parents explaining how this online learning will operate and guidelines to support you.  

Boarding families are able to collect their children in the morning if they prefer.  Please liaise with your Boarding House Director.

If any students have left their laptops at school, these can be collected tonight.  For Year 7 & 8 can you please call Kurt O'Connell on 021 670 343 and Brenton Joubert for Years 9 - 13 on 0274 792425.

We will continue to keep you informed and all school updates will be made available on the school website here.

Kind regards

Julie Small
Campus Principal


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