Year 7–8 Camps

At St Peter’s, Cambridge students in the Prep School share a special camp experience each year. Both camps are held at the start of the year to help students settle into their new school year, to get to know each other and their teachers, and to help form positive relationships. They give students the chance to build resilience and courage in a supportive environment. Going on school camp is a chance for many students to shine outside of the regular classroom programme.

In Year 7 our students go to the St Peter’s Waimarino camp — our outdoor facility in National Park. Students have a fantastic bush experience which includes camping, cooking over campfires, caving, tramping and orienteering. Whether students are experienced campers or first timers, our students develop skills and self-confidence through the activities offered. Year 7 camp also gives our students, new to St Peter’s, the opportunity to develop strong bonds of friendship and respect through shared experiences.


Blake, a Year 7 student, discusses his experiences: “Year 7 camp at Lake Whakamaru was a time to remember. Every day there would be a new challenge awaiting us including flying fox, abseiling, slug guns and kayaking. We were put into cabins for the week and there was a strict no talking rule after 9 o'clock but since my cabin was full of boys we couldn't help ourselves! At 5 o'clock in the morning we had to jump in the freezing lake and go for a ten minute swim. My stomach was in knots as I clambered on to the pontoon.

Every day there would be a new challenge awaiting us

Blake, Year 7

Another memory I have is of the Tower of Terror. It creaked and crackled as I clambered up. I felt like I was between heaven and earth, life and death – but I knew I had to do it. I jumped… fear turned to joy and I was ready to go again. This camp is an experience we will never forget and I would love to come back. I would recommend others to come out and try this exciting adventure.”

Year 8 camp focus is on building cooperation and leadership through a range of fun and challenging experiences. Students go to Coromandel Town and participate in fishing, tramping, and other outdoor pursuits. Students also enjoy the team building challenges, particularly the St Peter’s Year 8 MasterChef and The Great Race.

Even at the campsite there were activities for everyone.

Harriet, Year 8

Harriet speaks about her time at Year 8 camp: "I never thought I’d go on a camp that great. Each day there was always something new and fun to go and do. Even at the campsite there were activities for everyone. The team building activities were great and we got to know everyone there. MasterChef was a highlight and was the best team activity during the camp. The best part was definitely on the last night when we watched everyone perform a short skit, and saw what the teachers and parents had been working on in their spare time. It was a week I’m sure none of us will ever forget."

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