Flag Day

The annual Flag Day is a time-honoured tradition in the Prep school and a highlight for all involved.  

Flag Day stems from 1936, when students and staff celebrated St Peter’s Day (29 June) with a lesson-free celebration, culminating in a large shared meal.  The highlight was the Flag game – the players are all given a ‘life’ – a piece of white material attached to their shorts so it can be seen.  If a player found a flag and later lost their ‘life’ (the white material was snatched from the shorts) the flag had to be handed over.  The flags are in the house colours so the most flags collected is the winning house on the day.  

This year's Flag Day was held on 4 September 2020.  The theme was Super Heroes and students enjoyed the following activities:

  • Crazy Chapel
  • Flag Game on Owl Farm
  • Pie and Chips in the Dining Hall
  • Movie - The Incredibles
  • Iceblocks

Then home to clean up!!


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