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Prep School (Years 7–8) at St Peter’s, Cambridge has a comprehensive sports programme for our students. We offer a wide range of extracurricular sports options, Junior Sports Academies that operate within the curriculum, and co-curricular Performance Sports Academies.

There is a range of Prep School First Teams to choose from. For the Boys St Peter’s offers 1st XV Rugby and 1st XI Cricket, and for the girls the 1st Netball team. There are also 1st teams for Football, Basketball and Cycling available for both boys and girls independently, as well as the mixed Touch team.

Our students have opportunities to represent St Peter’s in competitions and sports exchanges. We select students to compete in athletics, swimming and cross-country events run by the Waikato Full Primary Schools Association. Our first teams in rugby, netball, hockey, and football have the opportunity to compete in the nationwide Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools Games. St Peter’s has several sports exchanges with other schools each year, some of which are specifically for our Prep School. These exchanges are always enjoyable opportunities that our students look forward to and remember for years to come.

Our Junior Sports Academies give our Years 7–8 students unique opportunities in football, rugby, netball and cricket. These academies are designed to help our gifted sportspeople to develop advanced skills and tactical understanding in their chosen team sport. They aim to create pathways for members to compete at the highest levels within our school, our region, and nationally. Our Junior Sports Academies run during PE time and membership is by application or recommendation.

St Peter’s Performance Sports Academies all have programmes designed for our Years 7–8 students. The six academies are golf, tennis, swimming, equestrian, rowing, and cycling.

Find out more about our Junior and Perfomance Sports Academies by following the link below:

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