Years 7–8 Academic Excellence

Prep School (Years 7–8) at St Peter’s, Cambridge is a school within a school that offers our students unique opportunities for learning, exceptional facilities, and dynamic, talented teachers.

Learning at Prep School is divided between a homeroom teacher and specialist subject teachers. Our experienced staff teach the New Zealand curriculum with innovative and holistic teaching methods. Digital technology is integrated into the curriculum. Read more about the academic curriculum by following the link below:

Small class sizes of 20-25 students allows our students to engage one-on-one with their teachers and more opportunities to share in class-wide learning moments. Prep School homeroom classes are tight-knit and supportive. Learning is exciting and collaborative, and teaching is stimulating and innovative.

The learning environment in our Prep School is one where high expectations are set, and there is a clear focus on learning. We care about each student’s effort, attitudes, behaviour and achievement. A cooperative spirit prevails meaning that facilitating learning is the primary focus for teachers, rather than managing behaviour.

In Prep School learning is tailored to meet the needs of individual students. Our teachers are committed to ensuring that each child can thrive. Learning support staff work alongside teachers with individuals and small groups to ensure that each student gains the skills and strategies to fulfil their academic potential. At each level there is also an extension class. Gifted and talented students are given the support they need to excel. By following the link below, you can read more about our Enhanced Learning Centre:

Learning goes beyond the curriculum. We have exciting opportunities to extend students’ learning according to their interests. Some academic opportunities include ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for School) Tournament of the Minds, and science fair. We also have clubs such as rocket club, chess club, coding club and debating which provide valuable extension experiences.

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