Years 7–8 Sports

Years 7–8 students at St Peter’s, Cambridge enjoy a fantastic range of sports opportunities, access to world class sports facilities, and coaching by experienced experts.

Sport opportunities make a vital contribution to the holistic well-being of our students. Sports provide opportunities for our students to develop physical fitness and skills. Sports add another social dimension to life for our students, helping them to develop friendships with common interests. These physical and social benefits contribute to their emotional well-being too. Being involved in sports helps our Years 7–8 students to become great people.

In sports our students develop key attitudes and skills that are directly transferable to their learning and daily life. Sports teach self-discipline, resilience, commitment, honesty, teamwork, fair play, and respect for themselves and others. Sports help our students to build self-confidence and learn to deal with competition and to cope with both winning and losing. Involvement in sports equips our Prep students to succeed throughout secondary school and in life.

Our Years 7–8 students have the same sports options and access to the same facilities as Years 9–13 students at St Peter’s. Students are encouraged to participate in one summer and one winter sport each year and teams are available for all regardless of ability. Prep students can also join our Performance Sports Academies and our Junior Sports Academies where they receive professional coaching. Read more about our Performance Sports Academies here and our Junior Sports Academies by following the link below:

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