Years 9–13 Arts

At St Peter’s, Cambridge exciting and inspiring opportunities in performing arts help our students to develop their talents and express their creativity and imagination.

Involvement in the performing arts gives students many personal life skills. Our students learn to express emotion and use their bodies in creative ways. They build critical thinking skills of analysis and interpretation. They build self-confidence through practice and performance in supportive environments. Involvement in the arts helps students develop character qualities like commitment and perseverance as they strive to meet goals and polish performances.

Students develop interpersonal skills through performing arts. Our students build strong relationships with peers, teachers and music professionals as they take tuition, rehearse and perform in concerts and shows. Through these varied interactions, students learn how to collaborate and communicate effectively, to be tolerant, to receive constructive critique, and to work well in a team. Involvement in the performing arts also leads to greater cultural awareness as students interact with material and ideas from around the world and from different eras.

From trying something new to a career in performing arts St Peter’s has staff, facilities and programmes to meet everyone’s needs. In line with our ethos of holistic education, we offer students top-quality academic and extracurricular opportunities in performing arts. Our fantastic itinerant music programme enables students to have one-on-one tuition during the school day. We have outstanding specialist facilities for music, dance and drama which help our students to achieve their potential in the arts. Our strong links to the regional arts community and renowned figures in the performing arts industry also benefit students who want to develop a career in performing arts. More information about the performing arts facilities availible can be found by following the links below:

Our students can also engage with performing arts as academic subjects. Our programmes are stimulating, exciting and rigorous, balancing practical performance with theoretical knowledge and understanding. In Year 9 students Performing Arts is a core subject in their academic programme and students can also choose Music, Dance, and Drama as option subjects. These three subjects are offered right through to NCEA Level 3 in Year 13. Dance and Music are also available in the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. Our students enjoy the integration of technology into their academic arts programmes. In the Year 9 Performing Arts programme our iPads are an important learning tool.

Students at St Peter’s have an exceptional variety of extracurricular options in music, dance, and drama. St Peter’s is renowned for its extracurricular performing arts programme, particularly our annual musical production and large-scale concerts and performances. 

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