2021 IB Results

IB Co-ordinator Toni Foley presents at the 2021 IB Information Evening. The date for 2022 will be available shortly.

The final results for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma for our November 2021 graduates were released on the 3rd of January 2022. This group of students were the 12th cohort of IB students to graduate from St Peter’s, and were the largest group we have had so far, representing more than 20% of our Year 13 group.  Despite the fact that this group of students completed the entire two-year diploma over the tumultuous years of this pandemic, they have outshone almost every other cohort, in both the academic grades awarded, but also the personal growth, leadership representation and the service they collectively offered over these years to the community.

The Nov 2021 IBDP results are exceptionally good, with a higher than the world average overall score of 34 points (world average for 2021 was 32 points), and 98% UE attainment. Over 40% of students achieved 35 points or more, a truly remarkable feat. Six students (14% of this cohort) achieved the extraordinary result of 40+ points, an marking them in the top 10% of all IB students in the world, and are now acknowledged to be Top IB Scholars. These students (Louis Tomlinson, Meghana Gaddam, Andrew Qiu, Elaine Li, Alex Kenel and Daisuke Fujiwara) will be recognised for this achievement in a ceremony in February alongside the other New Zealand top scholars.

Other stand out results included the two students who were awarded an A for the Extended Essay (EE); Jordan Hazlehurst for her Biology EE, and Andrew Qiu in the subject Computer Science. Three students received an A for the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course and 4 students (10% of the group) received the coveted 3 bonus points for outstanding performance in both the EE and TOK.

The IB Diploma is an academically rigorous qualification which asks much of students both in depth and breadth. Students study six subjects concurrently and cannot specialize down to only subject areas of strength.  

Additionally, students complete a piece of independent research, writing an extended essay (4000 word thesis) in a subject of their choosing and also complete a course in critical thinking, Theory of Knowledge, which demands a high level of intellectual engagement. This is an academically demanding and workload intensive course of study.  

Alongside academics, IB students are required to be engaged in meaningful extra -curricular activities, including service, physical activity and creative pursuits by completing the extra-curricular (CAS) component of the Diploma.  

The 2021 IB graduates faced the challenges the diploma with grace and a sense of personal responsibility. They were determined to face each obstacle presented by the pandemic, adjusting to home learning, working out how to balance the academic load alongside their service, active pursuits and personal wellbeing needs at every step. Despite the emotional and mental exhaustion that we all faced as we embarked on this second year of the pandemic, these students found a way to keep moving forward. They were kind, and showed a deep appreciation for the support offered to them from teachers, leaders, coaches and family. They did not find the path they have chosen easy, but they did not give up, and each showed a maturity beyond their young years as they sought help when needed, and freely offered that help to each other as well.  

IB students were not awarded the option to not complete exams, and the bar remained lofty over both years of this program. The students could have been forgiven for feeling resentful of this, and yet they shone. At every step they felt their feelings, then focused on what they needed to do to move forward and then they did that. To say that we are proud and admire the strength these students have shown would be an understatement. Well done IB class of 2021.

To find out more about the International Baccalaureate Programme at St Peter's email us here.

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