Horse riding is an academy sport at St Peter’s, Cambridge. Our purpose-built Equestrian Centre provides outstanding training and horse care facilities and an abundance of grazing paddocks on-site. Our Equestrian Academy provides holistic, tailored programmes that develop talent and provides pathways for students to excel in equestrian sports. It has produced many riders who have represented New Zealand in a variety of equestrian disciplines.

Programme structure

The Equestrian Academy offers its programmes as summer programmes (Terms 1 and 4) and full programmes (Terms 1, 2 and 4). All programmes have a strong focus on horse care.

Our talent identification programme is for riders who want to develop confidence in the essential skills of riding and enhance their competition experience. Coaching sessions will focus on riding in the arena and in the open; and development of skills for dressage, show jumping, show hunter, and eventing.

Our development programme is for riders who want to become adept at correctly managing their horse in competitive situations so that they can improve their level of performance in competitions.

Our performance programme is for riders who aspire to compete successfully higher than school level, for example representing their region at national events.

Our high performance programme is for riders who have already achieved success at national events and show potential to represent New Zealand in international competitions, or are already part of a national training squad.

Parenga Pony Club is based at our equestrian centre. It allows our students to train for and sit their Pony Club certificates and to trial for regional and national championship teams.

Our Equestrian Academy has two support programmes alongside the riding programmes. Rising Stars exists to support current students who are highly committed to the Equestrian Academy and to St Peter’s, who are competing successfully in their riding disciplines, and who show leadership potential. Stable of Stars exists to support former students who continue to succeed at the highest levels.

Equestrian accolades

Twenty-one Equestrian Academy students have represented New Zealand in six different equestrian disciplines.

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