Sports Academies

At St Peter’s, Cambridge our vision is to develop talent and provide pathways for students to excel in their chosen sporting field at school, regional and national representative levels. Our Sports Academies provide students with high-quality opportunities to experience and enjoy sport in order to foster the development of these sporting areas in New Zealand.

Members of our Sports Academies are part of a vibrant and healthy sporting culture that intentionally develops key values such as respect, fair play, teamwork, commitment, resilience, inclusiveness, and self-management. Our academies are enjoyable, inspiring, supportive and challenging environments that help students to build self-belief and aspire to excellence.

Students in our Sports Academies will experience holistic programmes combining expert coaching, high quality training opportunities, and significantly increased playing experience. The programmes are designed to progressively develop their movement skills, technical abilities, tactical understanding and decision-making so that these can be implemented successfully in the competitive environment. As well as a strong focus on core skills, each academy member can expect coaches to provide training strategies and goals that are tailored to their individual needs.

St Peter's, Cambridge has two types of Sports Academies — Performance Sports Academies and Junior Sports Academies.

Performance Sports Academies

We have six Performance Sports AcademiesGolf, Tennis, Swimming, Equestrian, Rowing, and Cycling. These academies function in parallel with the curriculum. Each academy provides outstanding training facilities, highly qualified coaches and a proven support network. Our Performance Sports Academies aim to provide a pathway to success for individuals of all abilities — from beginners to high performance athletes. Each academy offers its own suite of programmes.

Junior Sports Academies

We have four Junior Sports AcademiesNetball, Football, Rugby, and Cricket. Our Junior Sports Academies are designed for Years 7–10 students as part of the curriculum. They provide expert coaching to help members develop advanced skills and tactical understanding in their chosen team sport. Our Junior Sports Academies aim to create pathways for students to compete at the highest levels within our school, our region, and nationally. Classes are led by specialist coaches and also encompass strength and conditioning, nutrition, sport psychology, goal setting, time management, and leadership.

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