Christian Character

"In a very real sense the chapel is, and must be, the centre of our life here. Our Christian religion must, and does, supply the motive for all our work and activities." — Arthur Broadhurst, St Peter’s, Cambridge founder.

St Peter’s is an Anglican-affiliated school that is open to people of any religion, denomination, and background.

Arthur Broadhurst saw Christian faith and principles as the firm foundation on which to build his school. It was for this reason he chose to name our school after St Peter, whose name means ‘rock.’ His outlook is also reflected in the motto he chose — structa saxo, meaning ‘built on a rock.’ In choosing our school’s name and motto, Broadhurst had in mind the occasion when Jesus gave his disciple Simon a new name, Peter, in recognition of his rock-like faith. For Broadhurst, Christian faith supplied the motivation for all the work and activities that constitute teaching and learning.

Our character also means we always have a school chaplain. Our Chaplain, Matt Martyn, and his family, live on-site within our school community, participating fully in the life of the school, and playing a key role in the pastoral care network that supports our students.   Assistant Chaplain Vanessa MacCarthy completes the chaplaincy team and both are instrumental in promoting the special character of the school.

Chaplains Matt Martyn and Vanessa MacCarthy

St Peter’s places strong emphasis on values and standards of conduct upon which individuals and communities flourish. Chapel services make an invaluable contribution to our holistic body, mind and spirit approach. They provide opportunities for students to reflect on Christian values that build strong character and underpin the St Peter’s community.

All students attend weekly chapel services. Boarders also attend Sunday evening services. Whole school chapel services are held at the end of each term and to celebrate special events such as Waitangi Day and Easter.

Religious Studies classes help prepare our students to participate in a globalised world. Today there is more interaction than ever before between people of different religions, beliefs and practices. Religious Studies in Years 7–12 helps our students develop an informed understanding of, and respect for, people of different beliefs, practices and religions. The central Christian message of love for others inspires our students not merely to tolerate differences but to genuinely value and engage with people who are different from themselves.

Religious studies also equips students to think intelligently about ethical issues and to make ethical decisions having considered the implications for themselves, others, and the environment. Religious Studies provides valuable insights that complement other areas of study such as history, classics, art history, politics and business.



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