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An investment in culture offers the greatest returns on the wellbeing of a school community. At St. Peter’s, we pin our culture on the nature of our interactions. We pay attention to what we say to each other and how we say it. Through this, we have a culture that not only fosters wellbeing, but also invites our students to be confident to be their authentic and unique selves.

Our pastoral care model combines the spirit of a traditional House system with the agility of a year-level structure, with a diverse, experienced, and highly qualified team of staff who are approachable, compassionate, and expert in the adolescent trends and challenges of young people.

We offer a tightly-woven tapestry of care to ensure we know every student. We notably offer an additional layer of exceptional pastoral care and logistical support for our international students and boarders who are far from home. As an Anglican school, we pride ourselves on our pastoral care. A pastoral mindset permeates all settings, which means every student at St. Peter’s feels safe, seen, and supported to be themselves and to follow their own path.

Today, with boarding providing after-hours vibrancy to our campus, we welcome all year 13 students to stay on to collaborate with peers through co-curricular activities, dining and study. We value the relationships we have with alumni, but in particular we support new graduates through our First Five Programme. This provides support and connection in your early years of leaving school, as you become part of an amazing network of more than 10,000 alumni.

This is just the beginning. We’ll continue to think critically and creatively about what the future of education looks like as we continue to explore and implement our vision for School+.

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Heads of Year

In alignment with St. Peter’s strategic direction of the Seven-Year Student Journey, the Heads of Year provide essential oversight and ownership of the student experience at each stage of your child’s journey, ensuring that each year level builds meaningfully on the one before it.

The Heads of Years lead the delivery of outstanding pastoral care across the School, providing leadership and guidance to teams of Mentors at each year level, ensuring that your child is supported to flourish in all settings. The Head of Year 13 oversees activities in the Year 13 College, fostering connections for our most senior students as they prepare for life beyond school.

Heads of Houses

At St. Peter’s, students are sorted into four houses, each with a dedicated Head of House. These houses are Chandler, Hanna, Swears, and Thornton. Each house has its own unique and rich history dating back to the start of St. Peter’s in 1936. The House system plays an integral role in uniting students, fostering school pride, and building a sense of belonging.

Our Heads of Houses embrace and teach these values across all year levels, as well as overseeing student leadership within Houses, and provide mentorship and personalised pastoral care for the Year 13 students in their Houses.

Wellbeing Support

Our onsite Health Centre provides exceptional support and care to all students. We have a team of dedicated nurses who deliver professional and comprehensive healthcare services, catering to the needs of both day and boarding students.

Additionally, we have a team of qualified counsellors who offer excellent guidance to students and their families, helping them navigate the various challenges life may present. Complementing these services, we have two devoted chaplains who provide spiritual and pastoral support to our entire community.

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