Student Futures

Preparing students for future success

Through our comprehensive curriculum, co-curricular activities, and robust pastoral care systems, we equip students with the essential skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to navigate their career-life journey with confidence and competence.

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Looking to
the future

Recognising that some students may already have a clear vision of their future career paths while others are still exploring their interests, our Student Futures department offers a dedicated service that provides a wealth of experience and resources. This support helps students confidently plan their next steps after completing their studies at St. Peter’s.

Our services include personalised guidance with career-life consultants, assistance with curriculum choices, career management workshops, and support for tertiary planning. We also offer guidance from tertiary institutions and insights into various vocational pathways, ensuring that each student receives tailored advice that aligns with their aspirations.

Our thriving alumni network, encompassing over ten thousand members worldwide, boasts leaders and success stories across diverse industries. Leveraging technology, this ever-growing network enhances connectivity, playing a pivotal role in broadening horizons and brightening prospects for both current and former students.

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