Boarding at St. Peter’s

The beating
heart of our school spirit

An integral part of school life at St. Peter’s since its foundation, our boarding school community defines the vibrant and connected sense of belonging that all students will experience living on campus. From the moment students step through our doors, they are welcomed into an environment that cherishes diversity, fosters personal growth, and nurtures a strong sense of community.

This sense of belonging is not just a passive feeling but an active part of the daily lives of our boarders, who find themselves surrounded by peers and staff dedicated to their success and well-being.

Making connections

Our boarding houses offer students an empowering sense of belonging, fostering a strong sense of whānau (family) and community. Bonds and friendships formed here bring a unique dimension to a student’s school experience, with a strong sense of pride, comradeship, and loyalty within our six boarding houses.

       These connections not only enhance the student's time at school but also create a lifelong network of support and camaraderie. The sense of whānau cultivated in our boarding houses is crucial in helping students feel secure and supported, allowing them to fully engage with their educational and extracurricular pursuits.

We place great value on pastoral care and the well-being of every individual in our school community. Through personal development programmes blending social and learning events, boarders gain critical attributes that empower them to become the best version of themselves.

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Boarding life

Activities such as Top House, our haka competition, Boarding's Got Talent, nutrition presentations, and internet safety sessions are examples of the integral parts of our curriculum, providing a well-rounded experience. These events not only build skills and knowledge but also strengthen the community and provide memorable experiences that students will carry with them long after they leave St. Peter’s.

Set within park-like grounds, our boarding houses are steeped in tradition but fitted with contemporary furnishings and technology. Every boarder has their own room with a personal workspace, ensuring they have the individual space necessary for personal growth and academic focus. Additionally, our common areas for socialising provide the right mix of individual space and collegial common spaces, facilitating both private study time and communal activities.

      These facilities cater to the needs of boarders at each age and stage, promoting a balanced lifestyle. The blend of private rooms and shared common areas means students can retreat to their own space when they need to focus or relax but also have ample opportunities to interact and build relationships in communal settings.

     This balanced approach supports both personal and social development, helping students to become well-rounded individuals.

Student playing violin

Boarding facilities

Our boarding school is the beating heart that drives St. Peter’s school spirit. It offers an experience that enriches education both within and outside of the classroom to develop capable, independent, and resilient students. The blend of individual space and shared experiences ensures that every boarder can thrive both personally and academically.

      The traditions upheld and the modern innovations introduced at St. Peter’s create a dynamic environment where students can flourish, ready to take on future challenges with confidence and a strong sense of community.

       The boarding experience at
St. Peter’s not only prepares students for academic success but also instills in them the values of independence, resilience, and cooperation, ensuring they leave as well-rounded, capable young adults ready to make a positive impact on the world.

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