St. Peter's students walking in the snow
Adventure-based learning at St. Peter’s

Developing through journeys of discovery.

We recognise that, for many, the most transformational growth and learning takes place outside of the classroom. Our adventure-based learning programme challenges students to extend and explore their capabilities, developing knowledge of themselves and their peer group through exposure to adventurous activities and terrain.

Working with a team of outdoor experts, all Year 10 students attend a camp at Tongariro. St. Peter’s also offers the Duke of Edinburgh International Award for students from age 14 onwards, a globally recognised programme providing development opportunities for young people. As part of this, students can complete outdoor expeditions with a focus on personal growth, teamwork and service.

Our founding ethos of developing well-rounded young people – through an education that activates mind, body and spirit – guides us in offering enriching outdoor and adventure-based experiences that we know successfully develop the School’s values of respect, engagement, aspiration and leadership.

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