Celebrating faith as our foundation

Our Anglican heritage underpins the values of our inclusive school. We nurture learning through supportive morals, instilling within our students an understanding of service, community and respect within a connected yet diverse world.

Our learning environment is faith-enriched, however we welcome students of all backgrounds, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and respected. Our holistic approach to education focuses on nurturing spirituality in a contemporary context, encouraging our students to appreciate diverse perspectives, to engage thoughtfully with others, to think critically and to live with integrity in their actions.

Religious studies at St. Peter’s extend beyond theological exploration to unite our school community through events, celebrations and services. Our dedicated school Chaplains play a pivotal role in nurturing the School’s character and providing pastoral care and support to our students and staff.

With Christian values as the cornerstone of our education, we aim to influence well-rounded, compassionate and self-aware students who go on to make a positive impact in their communities.

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