Academic support

global-minded learners

Guided by passionate and dedicated teaching staff, our students are encouraged to confidently progress in their academic achievements. Our teachers are experienced, enthusiastic and life-long learners themselves, engaging in regular professional learning and conscientious reflective practice.

Learning in the classroom takes the form of planned, deliberate lessons, with constant focus on ensuring that each student is progressing - in both the set curriculum and their own goals within each subject. Our teachers ensure that each student is known as an individual learner, differentiating their instruction and approach to ensure that your child’s strengths are recognised and celebrated, while their areas of learning are identified and supported.

We stand by our teachers and the meaningful experiences that they craft for each student in every lesson. However, we know that at times our students need additional support - clear and regular communication with teachers, alongside your child’s Head of Year, will ensure that we are able to provide suitable, targeted support.

Our teachers use a range of data to be informed about your child’s progress. This can range from informal check-ins and conversations, to more formal assessments and tests. Gathering data is a regular practice for us here at St. Peter’s as we ensure that each student is making positive progress in each subject.

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