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st. peter’s alumni

Former students and their families are an important part of our heritage – and of the school’s future.

Our alumni network is a strong community of 10,000 across the globe, achieving all manner of things and importantly contributing in many meaningful ways to the communities in which they live.

Connected through shared learning journeys and student experiences, St. Peter’s graduates have fond memories of driving through the school gates cementing a proud life-long bond. Many are friends for life, some are even married to each other, in business together, and some now have their own children or grandchildren at St. Peter’s.

Our alumni programme includes reunions across year groups, boarding houses, regions and areas of special interest such as sport and the performing arts. We have a First Five Programme encouraging our alumni network to connect and support recent graduates as they move forward in life after school.

We take great pride in welcoming our alumni back to St. Peter’s, whether it’s for a casual visit, speaking engagements with current students, or reconnecting with former teachers. Their unique insights and compelling stories enrich our community, and we eagerly share these experiences through our communications, including newsletters and social media channels.

The St. Peter’s Alumni Association, led by a dedicated volunteer committee of alumni spanning various graduating classes, continually seeks innovative ways to strengthen our network and provide meaningful benefits to our members.

We encourage you to stay connected and share your news by updating your details or reaching out to us at: alumni@stpeters.school.nz.

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