Academic Excellence

At St Peter’s, Cambridge teachers and students together strive for academic excellence.

Learning is at the heart of what we do. We offer a rich academic environment that inspires and empowers our students to achieve personal academic excellence. Our academic programs allow each student to find the learning pathway that is best suited to his or her personal needs and future aspirations. NCEA and the International Baccalaureate Diploma provide opportunities for flexibility, academic rigour, and international recognition.

Our track record of nurturing academic excellence is reflected in the consistently high performance of St Peter’s students across both qualification pathways. St Peter’s results are well above national averages. Our commitment to academic excellence is made transparent and tangible through goal setting and academic tracking conversations with students, and ongoing online reporting to parents.

St Peter’s teachers go the extra mile. Small class sizes mean students have more opportunity for individual engagement with teachers. Staff are invested in the overall academic growth of our students. Our students find their teachers to be highly accessible and committed to providing additional learning support.

Students will experience a range of teaching styles at St Peter’s. Whether it is a university style guest lecture, one-to-one tuition in music or art, personalised supervision of research projects, or hands-on demonstration of metalworking techniques, students will benefit from teaching approaches that are innovative, creative, and responsive to student needs and learning styles.

St Peter’s students enjoy world class learning environments. Our campus is renowned for the aesthetic appeal of its buildings and natural environment. Our classrooms are spacious, comfortable and well-equipped. We have specialised learning environments that support excellence in arts, sports, sciences, and technologies. St Peter’s has WiFi access across all campus buildings and modern technology is seamlessly integrated into learning processes.

Our teachers are learners too. We strive to bring the fruits of educational research about how learning happens into our teaching practice so that our students have every opportunity to flourish. All our teaching staff are engaged in ongoing professional learning designed to directly improve student outcomes.

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