The St Peter’s Seven-Year Student Journey provides a continuous and progressive educational pathway from Year 7 to 13. Believing in the immense potential of young people, this journey is intentionally elevated and aspirational.

Each stage is thoughtfully curated to offer learning experiences and milestones that build meaningfully and holistically on the previous year. We ensure a soft landing into senior school for younger students and a launchpad to life for our seniors, fostering independence, resilience, open-mindedness, and a growth mindset across all year levels. This journey broadens horizons and brightens prospects, lighting an aspirational pathway to success for our students.

Year 7: Transition to Senior School

The theme of Year 7 at St. Peter’s is centred on a smooth and supportive transition from primary school. We understand that this is a significant change for students, and our program is designed to ease this transition by providing a nurturing environment where students can adapt to new routines, expectations, and learning experiences.

Emphasis is placed on building confidence, fostering new friendships, and establishing a strong foundation for future academic and personal growth.

Year 8: Advancing with More Freedom

In Year 8, students at St. Peter’s are encouraged to advance into the wider school environment with more freedom and responsibility. This year focuses on fostering independence and self-management skills, allowing students to explore new subjects and co-curricular activities.

With greater autonomy, students learn to balance their academic responsibilities with personal interests, developing a sense of ownership over their educational journey.

Year 9: Integrating Cohorts

Year 9 is about integrating both existing and new cohorts of students at St. Peter’s. This year emphasises community building and collaboration, as students from different backgrounds come together. Through team-building activities, group projects, and inclusive practices, students learn to appreciate diversity and develop strong, supportive relationships. This integration helps create a cohesive and harmonious school community

Year 10: Deepening Academic and Personal Growth

Year 10 at St. Peter’s focuses on deepening academic and personal growth. Students explore interests and begin specialising in subjects aligned with their strengths. This year emphasises critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent study skills.

Through a diverse curriculum and various co-curricular activities, students gain a broader understanding of their potential. Year 10 sets the stage for further academic achievements and personal development.

Year 11: Building on Success

In Year 11, students build on previous successes, focusing on advanced coursework, deep reflection and personal development. This year involves preparing for important assessments and making informed decisions about future paths. Students take on leadership roles, participate in service projects, and engage in activities fostering responsibility.

Year 11 is a time to consolidate learning, develop skills, and set ambitious goals for the final years at St. Peter’s.

Year 12: Preparing for Excellence

Year 12 at St. Peter’s is dedicated to preparing students for excellence in their final year and beyond. This year focuses on rigorous academic preparation, leadership development, and personal growth. Students refine their skills, take on significant responsibilities, and contribute meaningfully to the school community.

With support from teachers and mentors, Year 12 students are encouraged to excel in studies and prepare for higher education or careers.

Year 13: Delivering an Elevated Experience

Year 13 at St. Peter’s is dedicated to delivering an elevated experience for our most senior students. This year is the culmination of the St. Peter’s Seven-Year Student Journey, providing students with opportunities to excel academically, lead their peers, and prepare for the next stage of their lives.

With a focus on excellence and aspiration, Year 13 students are supported in achieving their highest potential, ready to make a positive impact in the world beyond school.

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