Enhanced Learning

The Enhanced Learning Centre at St Peter’s, Cambridge provides support to students with identified learning needs to enable them to reach their full potential.

Our approach is collaborative, holistic and inclusive in keeping with the St Peter’s body, mind and spirit ethos. We facilitate opportunities for students, families and teachers to work together to identify student needs and design learning pathways to meet them.

The Enhanced Learning Centre supports gifted and talented students to fulfil their potential. We aim to support these students so they can excel in areas of interest and ability.

Students are identified and prioritised for learning support through various assessments. This is done using entrance testing, previous school reports, school-based assessments, standardised tests (eg, MidYIS, PAT), educational psychology reports and information from parents and caregivers.

Teachers can nominate gifted students using well-established identification methods specific to their subject. There is also a self-nomination system.

The Enhanced Learning Centre offers a range of support.

  • Learning Assistants provide in-class support in Years 7 and 8 core classes, and in English and Maths classes at Years 9, 10, and 11 where needs have been identified. Other core subject classes receive support where possible.
  • There is support for students who qualify for special assessment conditions in internal and external assessments, eg, reader or computer/writer.
  • Student progress is closely monitored through liaison with classroom teachers, deans, learning support staff, students and their families.
  • Strategies for teaching individual students are provided to ensure learning needs are met within the class setting.
  • We can provide modified Supported Learning programmes.
  • There is close liaison with outside agencies and private providers to arrange formal assessments where necessary.
  • We share information about events, seminars, etc, that may be of interest to students, parents and staff.
  • We offer additional opportunities to develop needs, strengths and interests outside of the classroom.
  • We can prepare individualised education plans.


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