Applying for a St Peter's Bursary

St Peter’s, Cambridge welcomes Bursary applications from outstanding young people .

This framework sets out a portfolio of Bursary opportunities designed to provide new domestic students with financial assistance for their education at St Peter’s, Cambridge. Ideal applicants will demonstrate talent, progress, achievement, and/or high levels of performance in one or more categories.

Applicable Bursary categories

We take a holistic approach to identifying Bursary recipients as reflected in our Mind, Body, Spirit ethos, by distributing recipients across a selection of categories including:

  • Academic – applicants should demonstrate outstanding academic progress, achievement, and drive in one or more academic subjects.
  • Sporting – applicants should display outstanding sporting potential.
  • Performing Arts – applicants must demonstrate outstanding achievement in one or more of the performing arts.
  • Service – applicants must demonstrate quality achievement outcomes alongside a record of service within the school and/or community.
  • Leadership – applicants must have actively demonstrated leadership initiative within their school and/or community environment.
  • All-round Excellence  – applicants who display exceptional achievement and ability across all bursary categories.
  • Ethnic/Cultural – applicants of Māori/Pasifika and other ethnicities who display exceptional achievement and ability across a range of bursary categories.

Candidates who demonstrate strengths in multiple categories will be reviewed as higher-priority applicants.


St Peter’s, Cambridge Bursary application process

All St Peter’s, Cambridge Bursary applications must go through the regular St Peter’s admissions and enrolment process, which is individually tailored to each family. 

Approved bursaries are offered as partial financial assistance. The level of assistance offered to successful students within the St Peter’s, Cambridge Bursary framework is made at the discretion of the Bursary Committee.

St Peter’s, Cambridge is currently taking enquiries of interest for a limited number of Bursary students for the 2024 academic year. For more information on our enrolment process and to discuss potential Bursary applications, please make contact with the friendly Admissions Team today either by email using the link below or by calling 07 823 3684 with the following information:

  • The 2024 Year group
  • Day or Boarding student
  • Contact telephone number



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