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Alumni for life

At the heart of alumni is building a strong supportive community. You may be only one or seven years at school – but you are alumni for life.

Getting the team back together

Being a part of a strong alumni community will mean different things for different ages and stages, but what doesn’t change is its core value: connectiveness.

A good way to build and grow our connections is through reunion events and member gatherings. We want to enable every alumni to get-together within New Zealand and across the globe. It might be within your year or across adjacent year groups. It could be a House group, or perhaps you’re keen to get the band or team back together.

If you would like to organise a reunion or alumni event, we will help you make it happen through funding support for each alumni who attends. All you need to do is apply as a dedicated event coordinator, and reach out to your fellow alumni.

Get the peer group together

To find out more and how to apply click the button below.



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