Speech & Drama Tuition

St Peter’s Cambridge offers students the opportunity to take private speech tuition during the school day from qualified expert tutors. Students gain valuable life skills and self-confidence as they develop their speaking abilities.

Speech tuition is available for all students Years 7–13. Pair and small group lessons are designed to suit your child’s ability and development goals, from beginner to advanced. Students work towards qualifications through Speech New Zealand examinations. As well as this, students’ efforts are focused towards Drama Cup Day, the annual St Peter’s competition. These private lessons, taught by qualified, experienced tutors, are conducted during the school day at an addition cost.

There are two distinct pathways of speech tuition: Speech & Drama, and Public Speaking. Both options cover voice development, speech clarity, effective reading, speeches and presentations. Speech & Drama also focuses on poetry speaking, improvisation and scripted drama, whereas Public Speaking focuses on the making of all social speeches, voicing opinions and, at senior level, persuasive speaking and debating.

In Years 7–9 tuition covers aspects of both Speech & Drama as well as Public Speaking including voice development, speech projection and clarity, effective reading, listening skills, talks and presentations, voicing opinions, social speeches, poetry speaking, storytelling, improvisation, role play and scripted drama. From Year 9, students may opt to sit either the Speech & Drama examination or the Public Speaking & Communication examination according to their interest and appropriate to their level.

Short courses are also available to grow students confidence and speaking abilities. In Year 8 students can take a 12 week speech course, the Introduction to Communicating in Leadership. Students learn to speak with confidence and clarity to engage listeners dynamically. They develop a fuller appreciation of various attributes of leadership and are able to impart that knowledge to others. Speech structure, apt use of vocabulary, use of the appealing extempore style of delivery, reading aloud effectively, and skills in giving social speeches are part of a range of objectives in this worthwhile examination.

In Year 12 a Communicating in Leadership 12 week course is available to students. This focuses students on persuasive speaking, leading discussions and aspects of leadership. The course culminates in sitting the Speech New Zealand examination, Communicating in Leadership.

Year 12 and 13 students are also offered An Introduction to Public Speaking, a 12 week speech course. Students are taught effective reading aloud, the making of social speeches, the oral presentation of material, and interview techniques.

Specialist tuition is available for English as a second language speakers: Accuracy with Pronunciation. Tuition will assist with better pronunciation and voice projection. Students will also develop confidence in speaking English in social and public situations.

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