Parent Testimonial

Parents Spence and Emma McClintock share the boarding journey of their two children at St Peter’s, Cambridge.

Emma's children have both embraced the sport of rowing at St Peter’s, Cambridge.

"My son started boarding at St Peter’s in term two of Year 7. He attended a local school which didn't turn out to be right for him, and he asked to leave, knowing he wouldn't know anyone and he would have to board, he was 11 years of age.

Sending him to St Peter’s was the best decision we ever made - he became more engaged in his learning and animated when telling us the things he was learning, and this was while living away from home for the first time. His younger sister followed two years later starting as a Year 7 in School House. We have now had close to 6 years of involvement with the school with both children still boarding. I asked my daughter if she would still want to board if we moved to Cambridge- to which she replied yes and when friends have asked her why she likes boarding she says "because I have to look after myself".  

Boarding teaches our kids so much more than in a classroom alone. You have to learn to manage yourself, take responsibilty for managing many aspects of daily life like your laundry, the state of your room, and having the right books/equipment for your day at school. You learn that not everyone is like you and you have to be able to get on with others from different backgrounds and different countries and cultures.  

At the start of the year is Top House, a day just for the boarders to have fun and games and compete for the Top House title. There are house trips- eg my son just went to the All Blacks test vs Argentina. In the houses, there are pool tables, table tennis, board games, and basketball hoops, so a lot for them to do outside of class time. I recall when my son had started in Morris House there was an occasion when some of the St Peter’s first eleven rugby players went down to Morris to play with the boys after school - he told me one of them was "really big Mum, the ground was shaking as he was running towards me."  I remember thinking how cool that the older boys would take the time to go and hang out with the younger ones.  

In each of the houses are senior students who are selected as prefects within the boarding houses. The prefects I have met have all been kind, caring and really help look after the younger ones. I recall the first senior prefect I met was a Year 13 student looking after a dorm of 11-year-old boys and he said to me that he thought of himself as an older brother.  

I can't speak highly enough of the boarding staff - the House Directors have all been outstanding. They are approachable, they are kind and they are very good at their jobs. I have always been able to get hold of them, sometimes late at night, and nothing has ever been a problem. The matrons are also fabulous, they do so much for our kids from last-minute laundry, finding spare uniforms, baking birthday cakes, taking them to medical appointments or haircuts etc. The matrons were a huge comfort to me, particularly early on when my children were quite young and new to boarding. 

Greg Haines is the new Director of Boarding- I met Greg when he conducted my sons interview in Year 7 and whilst I don't know him well I was impressed from the get-go and from the things I hear from staff and also from the kids, I believe boarding at St Peter’s is in good hands."   

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