Day and Boarding

St Peter’s, Cambridge is a school for both boarding students and those who live locally and come daily.

We offer a complete educational experience for both day and boarding students. Our roll is made up of roughly 60% day students and 40% boarders, all of whom learn and mix together during the school day.

All students benefit from our diverse environment. One of the many advantages of having both day and boarding students at St Peter’s is that our pupils get the opportunity to meet people from both the local area and further afield. This helps them to appreciate diversity as well as creating lasting friendships with people they might otherwise never have the chance to meet. Boarders often go home for the weekend with their day student friends, and day students enjoy expanding their horizons beyond their own backyard.

During school hours no distinction is made between day and boarding students. Classes, competitive houses, sports and arts opportunities do not distinguish between boarding and day students. Break times and after school times are all-inclusive times when all students, day and boarding, can mix.

Pastoral care is a priority for both boarding and day students. Boarding students have their boarding houses as their home away from home, with dedicated staff to care for them. Both day and boarding students have access to a common area called the Student Centre during their break times. This is a place for students to relax, connect, and strengthen their peer relationships. It is also a place students can store their gear in lockers. The House deans are located upstairs in the Dean Centre. Deans are also on duty during break times and before and after school. 

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