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Jeremy Cutler

Jeremy Cutler - Boarding House Director of Riddet House shares what he loves about the role

Key to the success of any boarding house are the staff. Jeremy Cutler – Boarding House Director of Riddet House at St Peter’s will enter his 20th year as a staff member in 2020. He has developed a strong culture and home away from home for the boys in his care.

Riddet House is one of the boys’ boarding houses, catering for boys Year 9-11. It is one of eight St Peter’s boarding houses (four each for girls and boys) nestled in the 100 acre, park-like campus. It is Jeremy’s role to ensure that every boy in his house is provided with a safe and happy environment within which to thrive. He is supported by three house assistants and a matron who also all live on site.  

“My family and I have a home attached to the boarding house. We are a small family of four but I consider all 55 Riddet boys part of my family too,” said Jeremy. “All staff and students contribute to making the boarding house a home and helping our boys to grow into the men they want to be.”

A background in PE and Outdoor Education was the perfect foundation for Jeremy to move into boarding support as he has always enjoyed guiding and supporting young people outside the classroom. But what has kept him around for 20 years? “For me, it’s the growth and development I see in my boys from the time they arrive to the time they leave,” he said.

Jeremy explained that boarding offers a unique opportunity to make friends and bond with staff and students from all different backgrounds. Students can expect firm standards of behaviour to ensure everyone lives harmoniously within the house while still having the space to be a teenager.  

“The boys have to deal with the challenges of living with others 24/7. No two boys are the same and the house is made up of different talents, abilities and personalities but it’s this that develops their empathy, respect and sensitivity for others,” he said. “We target a bully free zone. Our culture has been developed so that all students are aware of their social responsibility and the expectation of how to treat one another.”  

As well as looking out for one another, the boys learn how to look after themselves. “Part of the growth of the boys is developing their self-management and life skills right from the start. We want our boys to be equipped for the real world,” said Jeremy.

Communication is key to a happy boarding experience for all students, parents and staff. “Open communication is encouraged at all times and we welcome any feedback that can help a student on his journey,” said Jeremy.


What makes boarding at St Peter’s so different?

“Their backyard. The space and facilities are second to none. The boys roll out of bed onto the sports field. A golf course, swimming pool and gym is literally at their fingertips. We also have off-campus weekend trips to sports matches and cultural events,” said Jeremy. “We live by our Riddet House ‘Do Better. Be Better.’ motto. The boys are involved in community service work and are always encouraged to consider what they can do and how they can behave to be better versions of themselves.”

The care Jeremy has for the boys in his house radiates from him, but he’s no pushover. Young men need boundaries and respond well to rules as long as the person enforcing them is respected. Jeremy certainly fits the bill, it’s no wonder that most Riddet boys request to stay in the house for as long as possible.

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