Spencer Penman

Spencer Penman is a Year 13 boarder and House Leader in Broadhurst.

SPENCER PENMAN - A Boarding House Leader

"Growing up and schooling in Hong Kong is a polar opposite experience to schooling at St Peter’s.  Set on a 100 acre campus, the open spaces and relaxed camaraderie of his fellow boarders has made the transition exceptionally easy.  

Following the Covid outbreak around the world, Spencer’s family made the decision to return to Tauranga to enable their children to have more opportunities to continue their studies and play sport.  Spencer had commenced studying International Baccalaureate in Hong Kong, so it was an easy move into the the IB programme at St Peter’s, and was one of the main reasons he and his family selected the school.  He remembers, “I would have preferred to be a day student - becoming a boarder seemed quite daunting, as I had grown up living at home being close to my family. After meeting Mr Lennox (Broadhurst house director), the house staff, leaders and other students, I realised that I was going to fit in and make some great friends, and in hindsight, that was what happened - and it was a great decision to have made!”  

As a House Leader, Spencer acts as an older sibling or friend to those in their dorm, but is also a mentor that takes the position of being a role model and a figure to look up to. He passes on messages from the house staff and supervises and monitors what happens in the dorm.   Creating a mutual sense of trust is beneficial to both himself and the boys in the dorm, as it allows for them to be collaborative, but also fosters independence, which is what most boys in Broadhurst value a lot. The mutual sense of trust between Spencer and the boys in his dorm also works towards aiding the mutual trust model that operates within Broadhurst.   

And if you’re considering boarding, Spencer offers up this insight – “It will be better than you can imagine! From day one, you’ll be greeted by an array of different people that want to be your friend, as well as caring house staff that only want the best for each of the boys. From experiences like the annual ‘top house’ competition that is a day of absolute fun madness, the annual house trip (Broadhurst’s trip this year was a day of activities in Auckland) and regular weekend trips and dorm competitions, there will be so many opportunities for you to choose from, you’ll be left feeling like what can’t you do!! There are people from all over New Zealand and the world that you’ll meet, so there will be no lack of diversity or internationalism you’ll be subject to from the moment you arrive.”  



To find out more about boarding at St Peter's, email our Director of Boarding here.

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