Why Board at St Peter's?

St Peter’s, Cambridge offers a truly unique boarding experience.

Director of Boarding, Greg Haines

Boarding at St Peter’s is a highly popular option. Every year we have over 350 students living on site, making St Peter’s a vibrant community all day, every day. Boarding is an opportunity for your child to be immersed in, and contribute to, a shared culture that is oriented towards success in academics and co-curricular activities.

Students can board from Years 9 to 13. Our boarding students develop a strong sense of family and lifelong friendships.

Boarding educates the whole person. Living in this community enables your child to develop valuable life skills that also promote academic success. The daily patterns of boarding life, with duties and homework time, help students to learn self-management, self-control, self-discipline, respect for others, teamwork, resilience, and much more. Our co-educational environment allows boys and girls to develop social skills within systems and structures that maintain privacy and keep everyone safe.

Boarding students enjoy a thriving social life. Living with your peers, within a larger boarding community, within the whole school community is a fantastic opportunity for our students. The dining hall is a major social hub, drawing everyone together at mealtimes. Boarding houses regularly plan activities on and off-site, often together with other boarding houses. Students can safely cycle into Cambridge along the Te Awa walkway and cycle trail. St Peter’s also provides a bus on Fridays for students to go into Cambridge.

Boarding enables students to make the most of all St Peter’s has to offer. Boarding students are able to use our world-class facilities after the school day and during weekends. The pool, gym and other sports facilities provide great leisure time activities. Access to the library, music suites, and other facilities during evenings and weekends enhances students’ learning experiences. Boarding students have the opportunity for more contact with teachers, tutors, and coaches. They are also able to support each other’s learning.

Find out about boys' boarding at St Peter’s.


Many families choose boarding because of the practical benefits. Boarding means no travel time to and from school, co-curricular activities, or evening rehearsals. Some of our day students, after choosing to board during a busy sports season, for example, want to stay boarding. Boarding provides for every aspect of your child’s education in one location.

Boarding students benefit from proven support networks. Whether it is transport to a doctor’s appointment, guidance for dealing with study pressures, help to resolve relationship tensions or just a friendly conversation, we have effective systems in place. Each boarding house is managed by a house director(s) and a matron, who are supported by house assistants and leaders. Our chaplain and wellbeing team are also part of our pastoral care network. Our aim is to surround our boarding students with inspiring people who are optimistic, motivated, and value success. We always welcome communication between parents and boarding house staff.

Boarding provides great leadership opportunities. Years 12–13 students can apply to be boarding house leaders. In these roles, students can grow leadership skills with support from house staff and their peers. House leaders are a significant part of our support systems for boarding students, particularly younger boarders.

Travel to and from St Peter’s is straightforward. Our central North Island location provides easy access by bus to all the major towns and cities in the north and central North Island. Hamilton Airport is only fifteen minutes away and allows access by aeroplane to other major New Zealand cities. Travelling internationally via Auckland Airport is also straightforward with bus or shuttle options available to and from the airport. Younger students travelling by bus to school can be met at the bus stop.

Find out more about Boarding. If you are interested in enquiring about boarding opportunities at St Peter’s, why not book a personalised tour with our Admissions Team .

 Find out about St Peter’s Open Days. A great way to find out more information about Boarding at St Peter’s is to attend one of our school Open Days.



To find out more about boarding, at St Peter's email our Director of Admissions.

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