Learning on Owl Farm

Owl Farm at St Peter’s, Cambridge is our demonstration dairy farm that provides valuable learning experiences for both our students and the farming community. Owl Farm is a joint venture between St Peter’s and Lincoln University.

Owl Farm at St Peter’s offers hands-on learning experiences for students enrolled in our Agriculture and Horticulture programs. These courses are integrated into the national curriculum, spanning Years 10-11 and Years 12- 13, aligning with NCEA guidelines. Our students routinely engage with the farm, applying their knowledge to real-world scenarios. Activities encompass diverse aspects, such as animal care, breeding, and health, as well as the analysis of pasture composition, growth rates, dry matter percentage, and the identification of desirable plants and weeds. This immersive approach bridges the gap between classroom theory and practical application, fostering a profound understanding.

Owl Farm plays a pivotal role in preparing our students for careers in agribusiness, a field with a burgeoning demand for well-qualified professionals. With New Zealand's ambitious goal to double the value of agricultural exports by 2025, the need for an additional 50,000 jobs in agribusiness and agriscience is evident. Owl Farm collaborates closely with St Peter’s Business and Entrepreneurial Centre to empower students interested in this rapidly expanding sector.

Owl Farm goes beyond Agriculture and Horticulture, providing fieldwork chances for various subjects. Business Studies, Economics, and Accounting benefit from real cases. Chemistry and Biology use it for biodiversity and water research. Geography gains insight into sustainability. Owl Farm enhances St Peter’s holistic education.


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