St Peter’s Equestrian Academy has produced many New Zealand national representatives across a variety of disciplines. Our equestrian students have gone on to the world, grand prix and regional championship levels. We offer holistic, tailored programmes designed to develop top talent and provide a pathway to excel in the FEI approved disciplines of Show Jumping, Eventing, and Dressage.

Our purpose-built Equestrian Centre is an outstanding training and horse management facility with purpose-built paddocks designed specifically for the Academy by Gallagher Animal Management Systems. Each student is allowed to bring one horse to stay at the academy during the school term. Exceptions for a second horse may be considered for students competing at ESNZ National Series level or higher.

The academy facilities include:
 - 90m by 80m show jumping arena permanently divided into three zones for jumping, grid work, and flatwork/lunging.
- 70m by 30m dressage arena.
- All weather trotting track.
- A cross country practice area.
- 40 open yards.
- Four lockable tack rooms accommodating up to 40 resident riders.
- Rug room.
- Two feed rooms with feed bin system
- 36 Gallagher Animal Management Paddocks
- 10 grazing paddocks.
- Farm rides.
- Equestrian classroom for Equine Studies.
- Professional Veterinary, Farrier, Dentist, Feed and Nutrition Services.

The St Peter’s Equestrian programme is designed to support students in setting and achieving their individual competition goals in a team orientated environment. Students will be expected to take an active part in managing the facilities, building invaluable experience for the future.

The Rider Development Program
This is managed by three experienced Equestrian coaches and is designed, through individual GOAL setting, to help the rider embed all the necessary skills to achieve their competitive goals in all 3 FEI disciplines.

As well as facilitating the individual coaching resources to help students achieve their competition goals, the Academy also offers clinics and courses around the following equestrian disciplines:

- Show jumping, dressage, flatwork and eventing clinics with New Zealand’s top national representatives and coaches
- Horse Nutrition
- Vet Practice
- Breeding
- Horse and Equipment Care
- Paddock, Stable and Fencing Maintenance and Care
- Coaching
- Course Building

Equine Studies
The Academy also offers an NZQA based Equine Studies Curriculum inclusive of NCEA credits for successfully passing these courses. Students can choose Equine Studies as a school subject from Year 9.

The Academy is also constantly working on creating pathways for our students to enter tertiary education or equestrian related industry training programs, to help them develop a career in the equestrian industry, should they so choose.

The Academy will also work with the students to identify and apply for the numerous tertiary and industry scholarships that are available to help them forward their careers.

Community and Charity.
As well as the student-centric activities of Rider Development and Horsemanship the Academy is also focused on giving back to the community which helps to develop well-rounded individuals. During the year, St Peter’s Equestrian offers the following to our community:

- 18 Show Jumping Practice Days: Open to All
- 12 Dressage Ribbon Days: Open to All
- Three Regional School Show Jumping Competitions: Open to All Schools
- Three Regional School Dressage Competitions: Open to All Schools
- The St Peter’s Riders Club: Open to All on an Annual Membership Basis
- The Waterboy: Equestrian Assisted Learning Program for At-Risk Kids

Beyond St Peter’s
St Peter’s Alumni are permitted to use the Academy facilities after leaving school and are a constant inspiration to our current students with their regular visits, guidance, and interaction.


Due to the limited number of places available for horse and rider, students wishing to enter the Academy must be able to demonstrate a competent level of riding skill and have competed at a medium standard in their chosen discipline. The Academy cannot, unfortunately, accommodate beginner riders at this stage although we can arrange riding lessons at local riding schools in the Cambridge area.

Non-riding students are also welcome to join the academy to study in the Equine Studies program and participate in all other aspects of the academy.

Finally, and most importantly, the Equestrian Academy at St Peter’s is a friendly, team orientated sanctuary for students to enjoy their equestrian experience, achieve their goals and make life long friends.

Upcoming Events

Interschool Dressage
St Peter’s North Island Inter-Schools Dressage - September 12-13

Interschool Show Jumping

St Peter’s Inter-Schools Show Jumping Series 2 - August 22-23
St Peter’s Inter-Schools Show Jumping Finals - October 24-25


On Saturday we had our second St Peter’s Open Inter-Schools Dressage Day for the year.  We had 15 teams made up of 11 schools. The St Peter’s Lions team won the Open Championship, retaining the trophy, with the team of Grace Purdie, Georgia Cutler, Ella Jeffares and Tayla McDonald. The Development Championship was won by a combined team of Hamilton Girls’ High School and Cambridge High School.  

Due to Covid-19 and the national lockdown we had to re-schedule most of our events for the year. We are grateful to the other schools for fitting our competitions in with their schedules and look forward to hosting them at our next event, the St Peter’s North Island Show Jumping Series 2 on August 22-23.  

We would like to thank Cambridge Grains for the sponsorship of prize packs and spot prizes for the event.  

Yui Uematsu on Grandeur at the interschool's dressage event on 1 August 2020.

The winners of the spot prizes were:

  • Most Helping Hand – Eleanor Benthien-Parrott (St Peter’s)
  • Best Sportsmanship – Georgia Cocurullo (Waikato Dio)
  • Best Test Without a Caller – Megan Bradley (St Peter’s)
  • Best Turnout – Chloe Challis (St Peter’s)  

Other St Peter’s teams results:  

Development Championship

  • St Peter’s Pandas 3rd: Sian Hanham, Rebecca Foley, Niamh Cairney, Tara Gower
  • St Peter’s Dragons 4th: Megan Bradley, Tallula Rainger, Chloe Challis, Rebecca Foley
  • St Peter’s Tigers 5th: Yui Uematsu, Emma Corbett, Briar Spittle
  • St Peter’s Unicorns 6th :Ranea Pirihi, Madison Bacher, Charlotte Bodie, Alice Duley  

Open Championship

  • St Peter’s Sharks 4th: Megan Bradley, Claudia Quested, Amber Funnell, Ella Jeffares

Equestrian accolades

Twenty-one Equestrian Academy students have represented New Zealand in six different equestrian disciplines.

North Island Secondary Schools Dressage Champions

North Island Secondary Schools Show Jumping Champions

North Island Secondary Schools Training Horse Trails Champions

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