Performance Excellence Programme

Pressure on students today can be immense, particularly when they’re juggling extracurricular commitments with academics and life outside school, and even more so if they’re striving to be a top performer in their field. That’s where our Performance Excellence Programme (PEP) comes in. The PEPs purpose is to provide St Peter’s highest achievers in sport and performing arts with dedicated support to help them plan and organise their academic, cultural, sporting and social lives.

St Peter’s aims to develop self-managing and solution-oriented students. We want our students to be accountable for their performance outcomes so that they can achieve competitive greatness in their chosen disciplines and in their lives. The PEP coordinator helps St Peter’s exceptional students to manage their development, attain their goals and maintain a healthy life balance.

We work with students to develop their knowledge and understanding of a high performance environment to help them maximise their opportunities and to minimise any constraints that may affect performance.

Opportunities our students will be offered include:

  • help with long term development planning and goal setting
  • medical and muscular/skeletal screening to identify any areas of concern
  • strength and conditioning support
  • performance psychology group sessions
  • nutrition support and advice when a need is identified
  • education on physiotherapy, media and social network training, and Drug Free Sport NZ

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