Christian Character

"In a very real sense the chapel is, and must be, the centre of our life here. Our Christian religion must, and does, supply the motive for all our work and activities." — Arthur Broadhurst, St Peter’s, Cambridge founder.

St Peter’s School, underpinned by Christian principles, embraces diversity and welcomes all individuals regardless of their religious background. Named after St. Peter, a symbol of strength and stability, our institution finds its foundation in the motto "structa saxo," or "built on a rock." This reflects our belief in the unwavering Christian faith as a guiding force. Our founder, Arthur Broadhurst, drew inspiration from the biblical narrative of Simon becoming Peter due to his steadfast faith, viewing Christianity as the cornerstone of our education.

A crucial component of our community is our dedicated school chaplain, Matt Martyn, who resides on-site with his family. Matt and Assistant Chaplain Vanessa MacCarthy play pivotal roles in nurturing our school's character and providing pastoral care support to our students. Upholding values and conduct that foster both personal and communal growth is a priority for us. Our holistic approach is evident through chapel services that nourish the body, mind, and spirit, promoting reflection upon Christian values. Every student participates in weekly chapel services while boarding students engage in Sunday evening services. Our community unites during whole school chapel gatherings each term, as well as on special occasions like Waitangi Day and Easter.

Religious Studies at St Peter’s extend beyond theological exploration. We prepare our students for a connected world by fostering understanding and respect for diverse beliefs and practices. This equips them to engage thoughtfully with those different from themselves. Beyond tolerance, the central Christian message of love encourages our students to make ethically sound decisions. 

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