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St Peter’s, Cambridge is committed to providing an environment where all our students feel settled and happy. The personal well-being and safety of each student is important to us, so we strive for excellence in providing the systems and services which make that possible.

We are a multicultural school where everyone is welcomed and accepted. Our school community includes a wide variety of cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. We value this diversity, recognising that it creates a richer educational experience. Students who are happy in their environment are open to learning so we actively seek to create an environment where everywhere is respected and valued.

St Peter’s provides outstanding pastoral care networks. Ensuring your child feels settled and valued at St Peter’s is a high priority for us. All our students are supported in multiple ways by a variety of pastoral care personnel, including:

  • boarding house directors and matrons
  • the homestay co-ordinator
  • the international student manager
  • academic deans
  • the chaplain
  • the health and well-being team

Our students have easy access to excellent healthcare. The health clinic is centrally located and is open on weekdays from 8:00am to 4:45pm, and on Saturday mornings during the winter terms. Our team of nurses administer first aid, assess and treat students who are unwell, and discuss any health concerns. They are also trained to manage medical emergencies.

If necessary our nurses will refer students to our off-site healthcare providers — a team of three doctors and a physiotherapist who provide user-friendly and confidential services.

When boarding students are unwell, the nurses work closely with boarding house staff, particularly the matrons who provide care, take student to appointments, collect prescriptions, and dispense medication.

St Peter’s also provides a Psychology and Counselling Service with registered psychologists and a counsellor. They are able to help with issues such as friendship difficulties, bereavement, family situations, stress management, leadership issues, as well as more significant mental health concerns. Students are free to talk with them confidentially at any time. Parents and staff are also able to make referrals.

St Peter’s is a global leader in school campus security. The St Peter’s community enjoys a rural, open and friendly campus layout that is unobstructed by security fences. The safety and welfare of our students and staff is achieved using Gallagher smart building technologies.

“St Peter’s has an impeccable reputation for safety and security,” says Gallagher. “Through the Command Centre platform, the school has managed to implement a highly efficient one-touch system to deliver enhanced site security for Assistance, Critical Incidents, and Full Site Lockdown.”

At night, we have security guard patrols for added safety. We also have a critical incident team — staff who have been trained in critical incident stress management and non-violent crisis intervention.

Read more about our smart building technologies here.

At St Peter’s we cater for healthy appetites. Our dedicated catering staff prepare up to 2500 meals per day. At every meal students have many choices so that there is something for everyone to enjoy. There are always hot and cold food options and we strive to include a wide variety of international cuisines. The dining room is renowned for its salad bar, which has choices including roast vegetables, quinoa, chickpea, couscous, seafood, and pasta salads. We also cater for students with special dietary requirements including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and various food allergies.

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