Our Founder's Vision

St Peter’s is an Anglican-affiliated school that is accepting of all religions and denominations.

St Peter’s founder Mr Arthur F Broadhurst

St Peter’s was founded in 1936 with the stated aim of educating the whole person. Our founder, Mr Arthur Broadhurst, was convinced that holistic development of mind, body and spirit laid the foundation for a life of service, ready leadership and clear thinking. We have not wavered from our founding ethos. Today St Peter’s still strives to develop well-rounded people with strength of character, a positive mind-set, and eagerness to serve their communities.

Our founder’s vision of education was shaped by his Christian principles and values. This heritage is symbolised by our beautiful chapel, which still plays a central role in life at St Peter’s. We continue to advocate the principles and values of our founder, encouraging all students to respect themselves, others, and their environment.

St Peter’s honours its history and traditions, yet is innovative and creative. Chapel services, Flag Day, School productions, and camps in Tongariro National Park, amongst others, are experiences shared by all students through the years. Alongside these traditions are new initiatives such as Junior Sports Academies and our Business and Enterprise Centre. We aim to stay at the cutting edge of teaching and learning by balancing tradition and innovation to produce the best possible outcomes for our students. St Peter’s is a student-centred learning community where we all work together to grow great people.

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