St Peter's Parents' Association

Members of the Parents' Association providing supper at a Wellbeing seminar this year.

The St Peter’s Parents’ Association represents all parents of St Peter’s. We aim to provide a connection between parents and the school and to build a supportive and engaged school community. We meet once or twice a term to share ideas on how we can engage parents in the activities of the school and hear about any school initiatives and events that we, as a parent body, can support with resources and volunteers.

While we do fundraise for special school projects, our primary focus is on friend-raising through fun events, like our annual quiz night, and by supporting school events through the provision of morning or afternoon tea (think delicious cakes, tea and coffee) at Parent-Teacher Interviews, the Subject Selection Evening and our annual Bevan Cup performing arts day. Our meetings are attended by Campus Principal Julie Small, along with senior students, who report on new initiatives, and provide a unique insight into events and activities at the school.

We welcome all parents to our meetings and aim to hold them on Mondays of long weekends to accommodate boarding parents dropping their children back to school. We are always looking for volunteers for our events, so there are plenty of ways to be involved. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how else we can support you as a parent at St Peter’s. Please feel free to contact our Chairperson Carol Coley directly anytime: or 0226016675. 

How do we raise funds?

Our main source of income is through the annual levy for families. These funds are supplemented by our fundraising activities, which include helping with catering in House tents at Athletics Day and the running of our annual Quiz Night.

How do we spend the funds?

Over the last few years, our families have invested more than $100,000 in projects including the Prep School Adventure Playground, Makerspace 3D Printers for the library, Lighting Console for the Auditorium – saving the school thousands in hire each year, irrigation for new grapevines, uniforms for Kapa Haka, a roaming microphone for School Chapel, a $40,000 upgrade to the sports conditioning equipment in the strength and conditioning gym, lego, wellbeing speaker, livestream equipment, mountain bike trailer and bee keeping suits.  

Contact Us

For more information please contact:

Carol Coley


Ph:  0226016675




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