Pastoral Care

At St Peter’s we have a strong focus on pastoral care and wellbeing. A new pastoral care structure, introduced in 2018, enables more adults to be involved in a systematic and cohesive manner in the pastoral network, which means more care for each student.

Students are supported within each of the four Houses – Hanna (Blue), Chandler (Yellow), Swears (Green) and Thornton (Red). The Deans oversee needs of each student, and are the first point of call for parents regarding school pastoral and academic needs.  

The Lead Dean leads the whole house, supported by Deans working with specific year levels.

-      Lead Dean with Year 13
-      Senior Dean with Year 11 & 12
-      Junior Dean with Year 9 & 10
-      Year 8 Dean with Year 8
-      Year 7 Dean with Year 7

Please locate the House Deans here

An increased number of Deans ensures each group has a higher ratio of adults to students. The Deans are located in the Student Service Centre, which is open 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday during term time.  

We have also introduced learning groups, which are single gender in Years 9, 10 and 11 and mixed gender in Years 12 and 13. These learning groups take place in two 30 minute sessions a week, taught by staff members providing programmes on key capabilities and wellbeing. All students are also involved in Student Leadership Training sessions which are run by the Lead Dean and Year 13 Prefects.  

This new system improves the pastoral care for boarding students as well as day students. The boarding house directors are required to communicate and collaborate effectively with the Deans.   Boarding house directors continue to be the primary contact for parents after 5pm. Monthly newsletters are sent to the St Peter’s boarding community.  

Chaplain Matt Martyn

Our Chaplain, Matt Martyn,  lives on-site within our school community, participating fully in the life of the school, and playing a key role in the pastoral care network that supports our students. Along with Assistant Chaplain Vanessa MacCarthy, the chaplains are instrumental in promoting the special character of the school and leads the Religious Studies programme at St Peter’s.



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