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Jamal Roberton, St Peter’s Head Boy 2020

A Welcome Message from Jamal Roberton, Our Head Boy

I first heard the words “Welcome to St Peter’s” when my journey here began over six years ago after attending an Open Day. That day I was immediately captivated by the world-class facilities as far as my eye could see and the school culture of body, mind and spirit that was evident. Coming from a small country school, it's fair to say it took a while to adjust to the high standards and diverse, seemingly innumerous opportunities on offer at St Peter’s. And that’s where the specially-designed Prep School was the perfect setting for growth and development in preparation for high school years. Years 7 & 8 were spent in classes with small numbers of students, excellent teachers and a high level of interaction with senior students who encouraged me to grow as an individual in all aspects of school life and spirit.

My love for the Performing Arts has blossomed here. After gaining a lead role in the Prep School production, I’ve never looked back. I’ve been heavily involved in the Arts at St Peter’s, taking part in countless school productions, received vocal and speech and drama tuition, been a member of the Musical Theatre Academy, sung in choirs, and represented the school at a regional and national level for Shakespeare performance. 

The school encourages participation in their many nationally-recognised sports programmes, and I have been fortunate to enjoy being part of these for swimming, tennis, running and cycling. While the coaches and facilities are of the highest standard and were the reason I was able to attend nationals for athletics, cross-country, road and track cycling; it is the camaraderie among fellow students that I will always treasure. St Peter’s attracts top-performing athletes, who are inspiring and energising to be among.

In Year 12 I moved into the International Baccalaureate programme which I had aspired to join since attending Open Day way back at the start of Yr 7. By Year 12 I was ready for a change and IB provided exactly the challenge I was looking for: a global-minded curriculum and learning standards, an individualised course with the ability to explore topics you’re passionate about at an in-depth level, small class sizes, and excellent teachers supporting you along the way. A highlight of my IB experience so far has been the service aspect of the CAS requirement of IB: I’ve raised money for cancer, have volunteered weekly at a local rest home, and together with another student organised an event to raise awareness about concussion to help the school community.

It’s an absolute honour and privilege to be Head Boy for 2020 - a year that has brought unprecedented change for students, for our school and for the world. The St Peter’s spirit embeds deep into your soul. I have loved sharing my zeal for the school and everything it offers with younger students, parents and the wider community. It is not lost on me that my days at St Peter’s are fast coming to an end. It has been my rock. I promise you you’ll make friends for life, while you have the time of your life here. 


Sophie Waddell, St Peter’s Head Girl 2020

A Welcome Message from Sophie Waddell, Our Head Girl

My name is Sophie Waddell, and I am privileged to take up the position of Head Girl at St Peter’s for 2020. I feel a close affinity with the school, having grown up just a bit further down the Waikato River, on my parents’ Tamahere farm.

My St Peter’s schooling began as a year 9 in 2016. The nerves that come alongside starting a new school will be familiar to most, but this first day was different. I was immediately made to feel genuinely welcome by staff and students alike, and felt like I was being welcomed into a new home. This was, and still is, one of the things I think is so special about our school. There is such a wonderful culture! Everyone is made to feel included and valued in whatever they are doing, and the mix of boys and girls, boarders and day, and different cultures and backgrounds all contribute to the school’s unique character. St Peter’s embraces a growth mindset; a belief that abilities can be developed through dedication and resilience, and it’s this mindset I have found encourages a love of learning.

I truly have enjoyed learning at St Peter’s. Through involvement in academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual pursuits, I feel I have developed a holistic view, and had fun along the way. It is with great appreciation that I have received a high standard of teaching, coaching, and instructing from the engaging and passionate St Peter’s staff. Within the academic classroom, teachers take a genuine interest into the learning of each and every student, and these high standards carry out onto the sports field and into the performance studio. During my 5 years here, I have been involved in many sports teams, performed in the Kapa Haka group, and taken voice lessons, to name just a few of my highlights. The opportunities seem limitless, in fact, I have found the hardest decision is choosing what not to do.

My goal this year as Head Girl is to build on our school’s culture of positivity. A quote by Henry Ford sums it up perfectly: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't you're right." I want to inspire future students to know that they can achieve anything if they have the right attitude.
I believe nobody ever stops learning, and I aspire to lead by example through being open-minded, and striving to better myself. We have a strong prefect team this year, and it’s a privilege to work alongside such an amazing group of like-minded students.

Our school motto is “Structa Saxo” - Built on a rock. I can say from the heart that this embodies the spirit of the school. St Peter’s truly is a strong foundation upon which great young people are built, and I feel confident we are all best prepared to take on life’s challenges with the support and wisdom this school has offered.




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