Head Students' Welcome

A Welcome Message from Alyssa Sherry-Middlemiss,  Our Head Girl

Alyssa Sherry-Middlemiss - 2022 Head Girl

St Peter’s is a school where all students have the opportunity to thrive in any area they choose. Since beginning at St Peter’s in Year 7, my ultimate goal was to become head girl, therefore being named in this role for 2022 was super surreal and an overwhelming feeling, which I still find hard to believe! 

St Peter’s is well known for its countless facilities, located in and around the campus. When joining the school in Year 7, I felt like a tiny fish in the big sea, but soon discovered that this was the environment where I would develop my passion and truly enjoy my schooling years. One thing that really helped me flourish was trying to involve myself in as many of the things they have to offer as I could. Over my six years so far, I have fully exercised St Peter’s academic, sporting and cultural opportunities in my own way and will continue to do so for my final year.  I did this by choosing to dedicate myself to my grades/study, netball, rowing, and productions. All of these separately and collaboratively helped me make beautiful new friendships and connections that most likely would not have blossomed otherwise. With a community built around body, mind and spirit these friendships from different areas in the school are all so pure and connected me with people of similar goals and values. This is what makes St Peter’s so special. 

The staff and coaches within St Peter’s are what really inspired me to try my hardest in everything I do and to them, I am so grateful. Their constant support and encouragement led me and many others to success and highlighted the true passion and determination St Peter’s staff have for what they do. This is heavily supported by the growth culture in St Peter’s. I view our culture with various different traits such as positivity, inclusiveness, and high effort which has created a community of great and well-rounded people. 

As a leadership team, we have talked a lot about what our individual and group goals are for 2022. We want school to be a place where all students feel safe, included, and get excited about school and upcoming events. As a team, we aim to get to know more students from all year groups to uplift our community culture. We also hope to keep a focus on service in the community and giving back. 

Personally, I hope to encourage balance throughout all areas within the school. This will enhance our school motto of ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’ as I want all students to realise that it is possible to give everything a go, and countless great things will come out of doing so. 


A Welcome Message from Dominic Hedley , Our Head Boy

Dominic Hedley - 2022 Head Boy

Coming from the Hong Kong educational system to St Peter’s in Year 9 was a huge change in my life.  The environment, style of learning, and culture was a complete turnaround from my normal. Having grown up in Hong Kong I had no idea what to expect when coming to St Peter’s. St Peter’s had been in my mind since I started primary school in Hong Kong as my father had attended in the 80s and was also head boy in his final year. When I finally came to St Peter’s in 2018, I was blown away by the culture, academia, and sporting options that the school offered. I had previously been attending West Island school in Hong Kong which was a 12 story building with 3 blocks so it is fair to say St Peter’s campus was an immediate eye-opener. I still feel so lucky we have such an amazing campus and a variety of options at our disposal. I am privileged to be entrusted as head boy for 2022. 

St Peter’s has always been a very unique place to me. The support offered by boarding house directors, leaders, and staff as well as the day staff, shows just how special our community is.  We are also very fortunate to have such great facilities that provide a wide range of not only learning opportunities but sports, cultural activities and much more. My vision for 2022 is to expand upon our companionship and camaraderie to create a more vibrant and connected community at St Peter’s. I want St Peters to be a very memorable chapter in everyone's lives with the friendships and acquaintances made to be strong and long-lasting. 

Sport is a significant part of St Peter’s for me, having been involved with rugby, basketball (for a short stint), and javelin for most of the years I’ve been here. It is a great environment to socialise and learn practical skills such as communication and leadership to name a couple. Sport also encourages a more competitive side out of people as well as being humble in victory and gracious in defeat. It teaches you to be accommodating to different abilities/skill levels and not to be judgmental toward others. Many of the qualities and skills you acquire in sport can’t always be taught in the classroom. Sport also builds connections amongst students which makes our community even stronger as well as maintains your physical wellbeing. I encourage everyone at St Peter’s to get involved in sport as soon as possible. 

Academia is definitely the most significant part of school. We are all here to learn and St Peter’s provides us with a huge variety of resources that we can take full advantage of throughout our time here. As I am in my last year I have been looking at the future and have been impressed and inspired by the occupations alumni are involved in and the level of success they have achieved. Every single student at St Peter’s has the resources and available knowledge to succeed in whatever future bestows them. I can say with confidence that if you take advantage of the opportunities provided you will see results. 

As I take on this new role I’m sure there will be many challenges ahead but I am encouraged by the support and cooperation of my mates, teachers, and boarding house staff. I am looking forward to the year ahead and getting to work with and meet as many people as I can. Bring on 2022 .



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