Head Students' Welcome

2021 Head Girl Meghana Gaddam

A Welcome Message from Meghana Gaddam,  Our Head Girl

Having been in schools in India, two relatively small rural primary schools and a large public middle school, coming to a private school with facilities on the scale that St Peter’s offers, was pretty mind-blowing. Feeling extremely lucky (still do), I didn’t quite know where to start but soon realised that facilities were meant to be used, not stared at!

The possibilities seem endless when you have the range of co-curricular activities available to join and find your passion.  I have been involved in many clubs over my four years, including lacrosse, tennis, and Duke of Edinburgh - to theatre sports and contributed to the Model United Nations. In particular, the Public Speaking itinerant tuition and Debating club allowed me to work towards international qualifications, participate in regional and national tournaments, and make friends from all over New Zealand and internationally - in Rwanda, Kuwait, and Switzerland.

Having always been outspoken, competitive and interested in global affairs, I chose the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB), because it is a course that challenges you to think critically about issues that affect the international community, delve further into topics that interest you through self-driven learning and promotes teamwork and community focussed development - the IB programme was one of the reasons I was drawn to St Peter’s. Furthermore, the Creativity, Activity, Service section helps the student grow holistically, which fits perfectly into the St Peter’s ethos of  ‘body, mind and spirit.’

The school encourages participation in all aspects of student life and a growth mindset is nurtured. No matter where you begin, the journey at St Peter’s is paved with wonderful teachers and support staff who will care for you on an individual level. They truly are the greatest asset to the school.

In recent years, the service programme has been growing at St Peter’s. I have found that the time spent dedicated to this has been the most rewarding, particularly volunteering at the local refugee orientation centre over the past two years.  Coupled with the year level leadership programmes the school conducts, I have been able to implement fundraising and confidence-building initiatives for them. Through the school's house charities, opportunities have been provided to participate in the Cancer Society Relay for Life and raise funds for Mvumi School in Tanzania. 

My goal this year is to further grow this programme and an open-minded, diverse, community mindset at St Peter’s. I am incredibly excited to work with our prefect team and the class of 2021 - friends and individuals who continuously inspire and motivate me. St Peters is a place that provides the foundation (the ‘rock’) for strong, confident leaders. It is up to the student to make the most of the opportunities afforded to them and there is no doubt that once you arrive, it will be harder to decide what NOT to do!



2021 Head Boy Rory MacGillivray

A Welcome Message from Rory MacGillivray , Our Head Boy

It is my privilege to take up the position of Head Boy for 2021. St Peter’s has a special place in my heart, and I owe a lot of gratitude to the teachers and support staff who have helped me grow and develop during my time at this school. Almost seven years ago when I first came to St Peter’s, I had never even heard of half the sports, cultural clubs and subjects that were suddenly presented to me. St Peter’s was (and still is) an incredible experience, offering more opportunities than you have time for. I decided that my primary goal would be to try a bit of everything and put myself out there. 

I got involved in academic, sporting, and cultural pursuits. Aside from being loads of fun I have grown, developed skills and interests, and embraced the holistic education and the fulfilling feeling gained alongside it. None of this would have been possible without the teaching and coaching from the motivating and supportive St Peter’s staff. Academically, teachers go out of their way to engage and push every student to succeed to the best of their ability. The teachers encourage students to embrace growth mindsets and get the most out of every school day. This same standard of excellence is present in the sports academies and cultural clubs. I have been involved in Hockey and Rowing, and the state of the art Strength and Conditioning programmes. Countless talented coaches gave me the ability to develop, grow and excel in these sports. Speech and Drama classes and the Debating Club have been my highlights in the Performing Arts, allowing me to grow public speaking skills and develop my confidence. 

What truly shines through, however, is the culture of St Peter’s. At our school, there are people from many different walks of life. Being a co-ed school, along with day students and boarding students, there is such a mix of cultures and backgrounds, which helps promote a diverse and accepting mindset. Additionally, the sporting culture at St Peter’s is healthy, prioritising growth, teamwork, and positive attitudes. It has been a pleasure to participate as both an athlete and a student coach. In the Performing Arts and cultural groups there is a focus on participation, and just giving it a go, as well as programmes that cater to those more serious performers.  No matter the level of ability or talent, anyone is encouraged to have a shot at anything. This is what makes St Peter’s a unique and special school, and is the aspect I have most enjoyed. 

I look forward to 2021 and the experience and memories it will bring. In my position of leadership, alongside an incredibly strong prefect team which I am privileged to work with, I hope to encourage growth and acceptance within the school, foster positivity and build on the school’s values of body, mind and spirit.  In essence, that is what St Peter’s is all about. 



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