Arts in the Curriculum

Our Years 7–8 students can expect an exciting Performing Arts programme that introduces them to a world of opportunities.

Performing Arts is a core curriculum area for all our Years 7–8 students. In both years it is a year-long programme in which our students explore movement and dance, cultivate drama skills, develop their understanding of musical styles, and learn to play musical instruments. In each area of study students spend time working collaboratively, which goes hand in hand with improving their own knowledge and skills. Our Years 7–8 Performing Arts curriculum is ideal preparation for the secondary school arts curriculum.

The Year 7 programme has a focus on building practical skills and understanding of core concepts. In music our students learn and experience key aspects of performance through instrumental work, which includes ukulele, keyboard, percussion and voice. Students also use classroom iPads to compose and record soundscapes to complement their work in drama. In drama students learn to interpret, create and use drama techniques. They work collaboratively to bring original and existing stories to life, with particular focus on NZ history. Similarly, in dance students spend time exploring and developing original choreography in response to stimuli such as the natural world around us.

In Year 8 our students enjoy the opportunity to further develop their performance skills through practical, instrumental-based classes. In music our rock band programme teaches students basic skills on a range of instruments and gives everyone the experience of performing as a band. In drama students continue to develop their technique, focussing on character and vocal setting. They use some of our most well-known fairy tales to devise scenes with a modern twist. Dance at this level gives a greater emphasis to student expression and exploring how everyday movements can be used in choreography. This experience is valuable preparation for the secondary school curriculum and future involvement in extra-curricular arts.

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