Years 7–8 Arts

Performing Arts gives our Years 7–8 students the exciting opportunities to discover and explore their talents in music, drama and dance within an interactive and supportive learning environment.

Our Years 7–8 students experience performing arts in a secondary school environment. Our Performing Arts programme for Prep students is taught by our passionate and highly trained secondary school performing arts teachers. This gives our Years 7–8 students unique experiences of learning with inspiring specialists in music, dance and drama. Our students also benefit from the outstanding performing arts facilities in the secondary school and enjoy the role modelling of their older peers.

The Performing Arts programme is complemented by extracurricular groups and individual tuition. Our students can choose from have a wide range of exciting extracurricular opportunities in music, dance and drama. Some of these are specifically for Years 7–8 students, while others see them interacting with, and learning from, older students right through to Year 13. Individual tuition is available in music and drama, and allows our students to develop and refine skills in an area of interest.

Performing Arts makes a valuable contribution to holistic personal growth. Music, dance and drama are all ways for our students to enjoy expressing their individuality and creativity. They provide opportunities for students to try something new, to make new friends, to push themselves, to learn the value of practice and diligence, and to work collaboratively with others. In performing arts, our students gain skills and experiences that build confidence and a sense of well-being.

Experiencing performing arts in Years 7–8 is a springboard into further involvement in the arts for many students, and often this is where a lifelong passion for the arts is kindled.

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